This isn't a question, it's more of a statement. Attorneys are worth every penny!

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My mom's been transferred to a Rehab Facility from the hospital and now the paperwork is starting to come in, with stuff I'm supposed to just sign.

I looked at it last night and while it seems to be written in language you can understand, she was the one who notice not all the pages were there. In other words, the contract is missing, so if I wanted to read the contract, it wasn't there.

So, I hired this woman to advocate for my mother. I signed what I could sign as a Health Care Proxy. Three papers I was advised to wait upon. I was also told different options I had and who paid for what, etc.

All I can say is GET AN ATTORNEY, they are worth all the money you will pay them. I need to spend down some money, so I used our joint checking account for that.

Do not hassle and tear your hair out over this stuff. Get an attorney. I only wish I had gotten one sooner instead of spending the week wondering and asking what was what, where was she going, etc., etc.


Litldogtoo, you are so right about using an attorney. Couple months ago my sig other and I noticed our Wills were out of date... so I found an Elder Law attorney.

Now, I am trying to kick start my parents into updating their horribly written Wills before something happens to them [93 & 97].... if that does happen, I will hire the Elder Law attorney to help me walk through that minefield, it will be well worth it.
Many counties offer legal services for the aged, pro bono (free) through their office of the aging.
my mothers atty said he charged 250 an hour . that didnt seem so absurd when you consider he has a staff of 3 and a total of 4 cocaine habits to support . just kidding . he charged 2500 to play executor for us to include legally transferring my mothers property into my sisters name . i seriously doubt he had 10 hours invested but he'll need some stone or brickwork done one of these days and ill get him back .
all I can say is, sure get an attorney, but make sure you understand their billing practices before you sign up with them.
My parents have an attorney that "nickles & dimes" them....I can't believe how they charge so much, for so little. Paying for advice is fine, if you're actually getting advice. But if you're only getting a standardized form typed up with your parent's names on it, how is that any diffeent than DIY.

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