Court appointed attorney is mismanaging my families money.

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Assisted living finance director stated she believes court appointed attorney is mismanaging my families money. They are facing eviction! Attorney #3 has according to the director of finance of the memory care unit my father and mother reside is stating she can't get full payment or a straight answer from the guardian handling my parents affairs. I know for a fact they had more than enough to pay bill before the attorney removed my ability to see what she was doing. I'd reached out in a kind letter to her over a month ago yet heard nothing until the other day when she said they were facing eviction, This attorney also said she wasn't paying herself only bills for my parents. She had an estate sale didn't call me to let me know mad hardly noting there. The house is up for sale. I told her I would make up the difference from the trust fund. Then she sent me a bill for over 12,412.54 and stating there was more money than that owed. When I ask her how this could have happened she never answered only told me it had to be paid by tomorrow or face eviction. I told her I would call the finances advisor she told me that she didn't trust the attorney and that she was going to call Adult Protective Services after speaking to their attorney and the Assisted Living Director. Now the no will answer my emails or phone calls, expect the attorney in a panic sending over 12 emails yesterday. The attorney was blaming me all this time to the finance office saying she has to way for me to transfer money. When I explained how can I transfer money to an account I can't see not could I for months, nor was I given an account number. Something is terribly wrong here.

My friends tell me I've done more and been through more than they've ever heard possible now this. My friends tell me this is not my fault my parents never left me help blame me or their miserable elder life issues. Now I reported the attorney to Adult Protective services to get answers. Oh and this guardian didn't pay my folks live insurance policy either or months, had I not followed up on that, plus she never answered any questions about having paid it until I called the insurance company.

My emotional and physical health is waning I can't focus to find work. I am handing over my folks trust fund to the attorney that set it up if they will take it to deal with these vicious Virginia attorneys. I've not spoken to my family since for several months nor do I intend too since my father threatened to sue me then and my mother wouldn't speak to me. They don't deserve me, that I know now. Let all the attorneys steal whats left of their money I don't care I can't stop it or deal with any of this any longer. They are 88 and 90 my father is mean as h*ll but they both may out live me!


You immediately go to the court office for the Judge who appointed this person and report malfeasance, possible misappropriation or embezzlement. I would be calling the Virginia Attorney General as well and filing a formal written complaint. I would not sent that attorney a single nickel, but I would send the ALF funds directly from the Trust.
(((((hugs)))) zoo - good to see you here but not for those problems. Pam knows the system and has good advice. It is not your fault - not at all.

You certainly have my support to back right out after you have done what you can. This has been a dog's breakfast from day 1.

" I can't stop it or deal with any of this any longer" Right. Look after yourself. You have been under a great deal of stress from your crazy parents. More hugs (((((((((((zoo)))))))))
Hello guys, Pam, Emjo, it's 3:41am in the morning I can't sleep, this is all making me sick again. I called APS, Adult Protective Services to look into this. They took the information waiting to hear back. Can't seem to get the financial director to get back with me either. She said this has been happening for months and it will continue she believes. Thank you Pam and Emjo I'm just sick about this in every way.
Zoo, this really ducks! So glad that you called APS. Take care of YOU!
Thank you Babalou, ((((((Hugs))))) to you all for listening and chiming in, to this insanely messed up situation. Ok I have perhaps my second breath. So the financial director at memory care unit said they would start proceedings to evict my folks yesterday if not paid. So I called to try and work out details there they had all left for the day to attend a Christmas luncheon. So no one wants to answers my calls or emails, however they have stated the director has stated in writing she believes my parents funds are being mismanaged. Isn't this against the law to know this to be the truth and not report it, or suspect this and not report it. I reported to APS, however what about the ALF aren't they bound to do the same? Anyone no the answer? I spoke with the attorney who set up the trust fund he said "I really have no idea what to say" I've never seen anything like this in my career" He said let's see what their next play is, the guardian needs to hand over requested information. I was told by another attorney to hire an attorney in the state my folks are in and have them send a letter to the guardian. I'm sick of this damn it what about the damage to 'ME'. I just had a friend die unexpectedly he was in his sixties. My folks are 88 and 90, with all their needs met I want to divorce them period. " Done" they really don't deserve me! It would appear being an elder care attorney is a criminal racket in some parts of the country! My parents made these choices. I had been preparing for my old age long ago of which now all of their drama has altered my plans, because they wouldn't listen to me. I'm so frustrated from doing the right things and being lied about, kicked to the curb, emotionally, beat up.
I don't know what to say about the crook who is mismanaging your parent's affairs. It does seem like others have not been doing their jobs either. So it falls back on you! Not fair!!!!!

No, they don't deserve you. And you don't deserve this kind of stress.(((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))
Zoolife, you can bet there will be a thorough investigation by the state of Virginia. That being said, if the Trust is not remitting funds to the Guardian, his hands are tied, he has no way to pay bills. If the trustees have goofed up, they will be removed by a Judge.
You guys thanks for being there. I found bills from the second attorney from the Nursing home that should have been paid. I keep everything in digital files, so I went back to see what attorney 3 could be talking about. These were bills that should have been paid after my folks were moved to the ALF. I will call nursing home on Monday to verify they are either outstanding or have been paid. Every morning I wake with anxiety again, I worked so hard to recovery from dealing with this mess as I have to get my life back on track. You Pam and Emjo always give great support and advise, thank you I have such respect for you both here. I called APS and they told me they were going to contact my parents to discuss, I couldn't believe they said this. I assured they that it would only harm them get them upset to do so as they don't know how bad it all is. I told APS they needed to contact the Financial Director for the ALF NOT MY PARENTS GEEZZZZ. The second attorney as me to transfer a large about to pay for the nursing home and other outstanding bills so I did in March of this year so why is attorney 3 still saying the bills are outstanding and there' no money to pay they? What really hurts his I had the estate sale set up ready to go and the second attorney withdrew the sale. The estate sale organization that was hired said my folks things should bring good money which would go to the conservator account. So when attorney 3 said she made only 6000.00 on everything in the house I knew she gave it away. There were many valuable items that the company prior to 3 said would sell well. I was counting on this money to tide my folks over, I rested well believing attorney 3 had received a good price for all the antiques there.

I hope everyone has a good day, I'm going to try and forget about all this till I have to pick it up again tomorrow! Thanks again you guys! (((((((( Hugs)))))))) too!
Conservators, what a joke. We had one that was to audit Mom's finances since sib POA hadn't kept books on the trust in years! Conservator had access yo accounts for four months was to produce a financial plan if tge Letters of Conservatorship were to be granted permanently. Sib POA would not cooperate, so conservator filed a bogus financial plan, inflating costs to mom my at least 100%. I objected, then conservator revised FP, but again the same amount. Objected again, went to hearing, conservator has been suspended to give POA sib opportunity to put records together since she would not cooperate, and will not cost mom any additional money to try to get records. Thirty more days the story is to be complete or conservator will be back. What a freaking mess! Sib will nkt complete the task so intent is to have conservator permanently removed. There must be someone competent to get this done!

I understand your frustration Zoo!
Gladimhere, d*mn that sounds like the same horrible mess, and its all caused by courts, greedy stupid attorneys that are in it for the racket of making money of the sick and dying. Well I paid over almost 10,000. 00 to the assisted living place my folks are staying the Guardian paid 2500.00. She is the one that is receiving all their funds social security and such so where is the money. Know one is holding her accountable. APS called me and I explained what was happening and that I sent the money to that BLOOD SUCKING ASSISTED LIVING THAT NEVER DELIVERS FLOWERS OR LETTERS OR CARDS I SEND TO MY FOLKS. So I call my folks after the guardian said my father was less aggressive with more meds, what a mistake that was. More horrible insults from my father accusing me again of stealing now another amount I'd not heard before. Then to listen to him tell me what a worthless horrible daughter I am, and my mother blame me for them being there saying I sued them to have them put there what the hell is that. Then I got a call from the assisted living attorney asking when I 'm sending they their money. THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL, WHY DON'T YOU ASK THE GUARDIAN WHERE ALL THEIR MONEY IS." NOW THIS ATTORNEY WANTS ME TO GIVE OVER THE TRUST FUND MONEY TO SOMEONE HE KNOWS IN BANKING TO PAY THEIR BILLS AND HOPEFULLY MAND THAT MONEY GROW. I'm sure that scum sucking attorney will charge my parents account for his call to me today. There is no justice in this at all everyone is blaming me and I'm not the guardian nor do I get the money for my parents if this doesn't smack of the elite society of large corporations, and lawyers covering each others mistakes I don't know what does.

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