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My father passed away leaving a couple million dollar estate to my mom I am in charge I met with over 23 attys all of them lied to my mother and me some where elder care attys when conforted with the lies they sent the will back and wrote off bills one for over 15,000 and one paid all money back in full once I brought up the correct information after hours of question is this how can this illegal practice continue to go on?? How can atty blod face lie to you and why is it so ptavasise


23 attorneys lied? Really? Or where they not telling you what you wanted to hear?
No lied when asked what my mother wpuld paiy in state estate taxes living in nj the atty said 150,000 to 200,000 my mom than paid 10,000 to have a trust made we just found out from nj state taxes the corrrect answer was under 50,000 when we went back to th we original atty he admitted it was in fact 50,000. Now what lawsuit??? Also went to another atty consultation he said to my 80 yr old mom tick toc u owe a huge amount if $ to the Irs and fines. She hired him she was scared than I found out there is an UNLIMITED MARITAL DEDUCTION in other words my dad could have left her billions and she would not owe taxes? When that atty was confronted he sent the will back within 12 hours said we never hired him and wrote off a 15,000 dollar bill.I am just trying to help people ck everything out get 2nd and 3rd opinion s and research what they tell you
There are so many crooked and unscrupulous attorneys. More crooks go into law than any other career. I know this from personal experience -- I managed law firms for over 20 years. In this case, it sounds more like lousy, lazy advice by attorneys that didn't quite understand the complexity of the case. It could also be that the lawyers didn't have all the info that you've uncovered. But mostly, it sounds like a typical unethical attorney trying to get away with overcharging. Yes, you should always go over every single line item on a lawyer's bill and question both the charge and the amount of time being claimed. Very few good attorneys will take on estate planning on a fixed fee basis -- it's almost always billed hourly. Your attorneys' bill should be the last bill you pay when paying the bills. Make sure everything else is paid before paying the lawyers. Believe me, they know their bills are placed at the bottom of the stack and any good lawyer will manage his/her cash flow accordingly. And you'd be surprised how quickly charges will be removed or discounted, if you question them or ask for a discount. But you HAVE TO ASK -- no lawyer is going to voluntarily give up income.
When I need advice about the law I see a lawyer, when I need advice about my finances I see an accountant. You might think a lawyer who handles estates would know all the answers, but in reality it is not their area of expertise and even they hire accountants to complete the financial aspects of an estate if needed. I think the real problem here is they pretended to know the info instead of directing you to the appropriate professional.
If the attorney's bad work (not just bad advice, but actually negligence in the preparation of estate planning or wealth management), has resulted in a loss or expenses incurred by having to hire other lawyers or accountants, you can sue for malpractice and may actually win (or most likely, the lawyers who clearly botched this will settle with you). The fact that they were so quick to write-off the bills indicates they were aware they didn't perform.
There are so many dishonest unethical lawyers out there more than there are honest ones. Not exposing everything is basically lying. Do not trust lawyers

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