Moving in and out day when assisted living is used as respite care.

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Mom splits her weeks living with my sister or myself. She has early to mid- Alzheimers and lives in the moment. We need respite care but do not want to give up our home care either. Mom is active and pleasant to be around. What can we say to her when it is moving in our out day? I'm thinking we'll tell her that this is her "home" and she's either coming to visit us or going back home. We are hoping to leave her for a week to try it out in June. Thanks for any help!


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Hi Peggy,
Since your mom already moves between your sister's home and yours, you may not have too much trouble with this. It's good to start getting respite care while she's still doing well. I think I'd follow what you suggested. You know your mom. This is her home and she is coming to visit you or your sister or going home should work as well as anything. Good luck,
Thank you so much Carol. Your answer really helps to calm some of our fears. Her first time is June 11 so we hope she will "like" her new home so when it does come time to move her permanently she'll already be "home".
I have my mom living at my home with dementia. I don't know whether your mom is taking zanax or something like it, but when my mom goes to respite for 5 days once a month, I am told to give her double her dose of zanax. Since she does have dementia the transition to her respite care facility has gone smooth. On her return she doesn't remember her stay. I am more rested and ready to continue her care now less stressed since I had time to do some much needed things for me. ;-)
This certainly sounds like something I can discuss with her doctor. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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