Possible assisted living scamster.

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both have advanced dementia and the care taker was hired during duress with out verification. She's not licensed in the state of OREGON, and seems to have an alternative motive.

We've caught her manipulating illegitimate finances by manipulation, and she's driving a 2012 Dodge on a limited salary! I'm smelling SCAM, and my folks are worth several hundred thousand dollars.



Get a new caregiver.
Do what jeannegibbs said.
Also, maybe report her for the manipulation you said you caught her doing, but you did not clarify exactly what you caught her doing.
When you hired her, did she come from a legit org and given you a certified CNA assurance? Bonded? If you hired her form the org, then ask for another one and report what you think she's done to the director. We had to fire an org because one of the girls turned out to be Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I know she also stole something from us too. I wouldn't put it past her if she went on my computer, desk, credit card statements, drawers, etc.....
Finally, I turned to my Christian girlfriend at church who trains CNAs and has her own company and the 2 girls she sent to me were from God. Totally trustworthy, caring, attentive, loving. One couldn't ask for more. It was the Lord taking care of my parents thru these two girls. So, there are trustworthy and loving CG out there. Check with your own church [if you go to one] or call other Christian churches in your area. Lots of them have ministries just like the one I had. God Bless you and help you with honest, loving, and trustworthy CG.
Check your parents' accounts. When my husband became guardian and went over their bank statements, we found that several thousand dollars had been removed fraudulently. When the bank changed owners the folks did not get an ATM card. For their particular bank, only accounts with ATM cards have security measures in place. Money had been drawn out and credited to other people through a false Capitol One account and others. Apparently, with someone's social and their bank account number you can pretty much steal directly from their accounts.

We still don't know if the unlicensed care people that were hired by a younger son were responsible for the thefts. OR if demented MIL had possibly given the information away over the phone.
Thank you lefaucon, OncehatedDIL and OncehatedDIL.

Their bank statement indicated unauthorized debits for fast food ($56) etc., and several others under $100. She's an excellent care giver/ both folks are barely ambulatory and incontinent. She's either a scam artist or a God sent. She's discussed 'her attorney' several times which is alarming, and claims to be suing he dentist for breaking a inaccessible drill bit tip off in a molar canal during a root canal procedure. Just the mention of 1. new car 2. attorney and 3. current legal litigation are all RED FLAGS.
When I was in the process of hiring a live in aide for my Mom, I removed EVERY scrap of financial paperwork from her home. AND I redirected her financial statements all to my home. Ditto on jewelry or other pieces of family history. Truly it left me one less worry. This is a step I recommend to all.
Way to go geewiz!!!!! That is one of the most intelligent maneuvers I've heard done in a long, long time!!! Every body with CG in their home that they don't know should do this!!!
Fortunately, for me, I knew my CG.

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