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Just wanted to share our recent experience with looking for a nursing home for my dad. He's become quite weak, and though he could walk to the bathroom and to the Kitchen to sit at the table, he was unsteady and fell, twice in one week. On top of that, he wouldn't leave his Oxygen on and confusion would set in, and he'd wonder outside without telling anyone. My sister in law was beside herself, hardly getting any sleep and her own health was faltering because of it. It was time to find him a nursing home.

After checking out all the nursing homes in the area we were so depressed. None has a higher Medicare rating then 2 stars. None were suitable for dad as far as we were concerned. I came across an Assisted Living facility that also had Memory Care. It looked very nice from the outside so I decided to go in and talk to the administrator. Dad did have confusion sometimes, so maybe I could get him in the memory care area (I had little hope of getting him in Assisted Living as he needed quite a bit of care). It was then that i found out about "Aging in Place". I was told that if Dad could transfer himself from bed to bathroom with a walker or transfer from bed to a wheel chair to come to the cafeteria to eat, he would be accepted into the Assisted Living facility! Once there, if he needed more care later on, they would provide it at no additional charge. There would only be a charge if the AL facility raised their costs to all residents, or if medically he required more daily nursing visits above the norm (additional visits would be charged to his insurance).

He's been there for two months now and he loves it. He's not fallen once and he seems to be better now then when he went in. He has gotten involved, loves playing bingo in the day room and has made a couple of friends. He can still transfer from bed to bathroom and to wheel chair, but he does spend most his time in the chair and that worries us. We'd like to see him walk more, but I guess we can't ask for too much. At least now, if it turns out he needs help transfering, they will provide that help. We couldn't have asked for any better place for him.

So if you're looking at having to choose a nursing home, check to see if your state offers Assisted Living "Aging in Place". Not all states have it...but if your state does, it might be a viable choice you wouldn't even know to consider. We didn't but am so glad we found out. It's been a giant win for all of us!



Glad you found a place that meets dad's needs - would he benefit from some physical therapy ? Have his dr write a prescription for a home health therapist to bust him 2x a week at his new facility - they can help practice his transfers with him to keep up his strength

Grrrr- visit him not bust him
hahaha...was trying to figure out if maybe you meant bus him? LOL. I will do that...ask his physician if he thinks dad will benefit from physical therapy if insurance will cover it. Thanks!
Dustien, when it was time for my Dad to move out of his house [his idea... yay], I took him to a facility that from the outside looked like his and my late Mom's favorite resort, and the lobby inside was so very welcoming. As soon as Dad got inside the door he said "where do I sign up". Whoa, wait Dad, you need to see the apartment first.

The retirement complex that Dad choose had Independent Living, where he lived for 8 months in a very nice two bedroom apartment which had a lot of sunshine and a full size kitchen. He loved it.

Then time came for Assisted Living, but Dad was having memory issues so the facility also had Assisted Living/Memory Care. I wasn't too sure Dad would adjust from moving from his 2 bedroom apartment into a one room suite, but he was ok with it as it saved him money. I joked with him saying it is like moving into a college dorm without the noisy parties at night :)

Dad eventually loved all the personal attention he was getting, and his main concern with moving to the Memory Care were the meals... I assured him it is the same chef preparing his meals as in Independent Living. His Med Tech was the same person, the Nurse was the same person, so he didn't need to learn new faces. Sadly Dad only lived in Memory Care a short time before he passed unexpectedly. I was hoping he would be there for another year or two. He was 95 years old.
freqflyer...that was a lovely story and a great end of life experience for your father. Good for him, and you! ;-)
Dustien, just read your other post...does this place also do rehab? That would be a blessing!
I don't think they have Rehab. They have the AL and a Memory Care Wing and that's all. However, they do have the Aging in Place so maybe that will kick in here? I just don't know. He's on Hospice too, and maybe they can arrange Rehab in the AL? I'll be calling as soon as they open up and talk to the director about Dad's options for the future...and also talk to his Hospice nurse...

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