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Articles in today's Washington Post (wapo) and Atlantic Monthly magazine. Good that the caregiver's dilemmas are being elevated to general public awareness.


I read the Wapo article. I kept waiting for it to mention that the cost of the nursing facilities were outrageous. What they wrote about how little people expect from the NHs was really true. I mean, if we think about it, people paying for NH care are paying the price of a room in a palace. Do they really get their money's worth?
Yes, the Washington Post is placing a lot of interesting articles about aging and caregivers.

In today's article [February 3rd] it had to do with promising a loved one they wouldn't go into a nursing home, and the caregiver later finding that they couldn't keep that promise, as their loved one needed a higher level of care so not to hurt themselves or those around them.

But I wonder how many younger people are even reading these articles.... I know I never noticed them until I step into the whirlpool called caregiving.
Oops, make that the February 9th edition.
I think young people in the US are taught to disregard the old. The old are invisible. If you go to fb, you'll see all of your friend's kids and friends. But how often do they post pictures of older family members? Maybe it's because they rarely see them?? I don't know why we keep the old hidden.
Older brother. In Paris.
Yes, older brother is on the right. He is just a deer, isn't he?

You all missed the real late-night photos!

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