Are individual "blogs" (to use the term loosely) possible on this discussion board?

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..I, for one, would like to have a place I could enter daily (or thereabouts) information about my on-going situation and get informed feedback from this group. Is such worth considering?



I started a thread several years ago called "I think this is the beginning of the end". I only update it when there is yet another crisis, but it has helped me keep track of what happened when. I preface each new event by saying that I don't need for folks to give me advice, but that I'm glad for feedback.

So yes, you can do something like that.
Do you think you could clarify for me the fine differences between feedback and no advice? Maybe I could improve my posts.
Send, i don't think you need any fine tuning at All!

It's just that on that particular thread that I started, I don't want people to feel that they NEED to reply. When I have a question, I post one, separately, and I've always gotten stellar responses from everyone. And in turn, I assume that anyone who posts here WANTS us to comment. Does that clarify?
Fishman, this website had a small section of blogs from people that the website have chosen to write

You can ask the Admin of the website what do you need to do to become one of the blog writers. Just go to the bottom of the page, very last line, and click on CONTRACT US and fill out the form. Doesn't hurt to ask.
My guess, and especially if you have a "catchy" title, is that you will get Tons of responses, especially from those with like minded situations, and we ALL, have like minded issues! Lol! This is a very swift moving and active aging care/family related blog site, and the very best out there, as far as I'm concerned! I've been on her about 7-8 years, but many others have been here much longer!

Good luck and looking forward to hearing about you and yours! Stacey B

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