Are all dementia/alz parents negative and whiney or are some quite passive?

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I see alot on here about parents moans and negativity? i was just wondering is it ALL with this illness OR are some quite passive?

My neighbours dad has alz is now in a home but my neighbour told me that his dad never got nasty just confused never angry????

I am now wondering if he was just lying to me? OR maybe some are passive?

Anyone here have a fairly passive parent?


Guess not. But people with easy patients don't post here, or don't know what all the fuss is all about. Or they have shipped mom to live with siblings.
Imagine how you would be if you are losing your memory. Maybe this is her way of dealing with her continuing confusion and loss of independence. While not all people with Alzheimer's are whiny and negative, some are. Some are violent, some sing all the time, some are quiet, some shout and kick up a fuss. I am just glad my mom is still able to communicate with me and knows who I am. There will be a day soon when she won't.
Yeh i suppose when your mum is kicking you and hurling abuse YAY shes still communicating with me? each their own i guess?
I've heard that if the person was cranky or argumentative when they were younger, it just gets worse with dimintia. My Dad gave my Mom a hard time when we were growing up and I now see the same behavior only worse since he is forgetting more often. He get argumentative like I remember with Mom, but tends to manipulate and lie about things more now than before. It is easier for him to lie than to face he truth about things going on in the family. Not sure why, but seems to be old habit that hasn't changed, just getting more testy.
Any parent that physically harms you needs to be contained. That is never correct behavior at any age. I don't mean the well placed spanking either.
Thats why i asked this as mums personality hasnt changed its got worse and this is early stages?
Just earlier im talking with my brother on the phone and she stomps up to bed in a mood? she wants attention if she dosnt get it she gets angry? ive learnt to ignore it i dont have kids but i was a nanny so i know the tantrum cure is to walk away!
My mom is passive. It's weird too because she used to be kind of a fire cracker. She's actually very childlike and rather sweet most of the time. She lives with me and I am her care giver. I hope it always stays this way. It does make caring for her a whole lot easier.

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