It's finally happened...I was approved for my house in FL!

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My husband who has mild Dementia says he is so excited. I hope I can rely on his reaction. Any advice for a smooth move down there ? I will be pulling a U Haul and driving all the time. How can I keep him comfortable and at ease while driving down? Music, reading, coloring. I have learned how to divert his attention so I am excited and at the same time worried I won't be able to keep him at his best just short of knocking him out LOL Joke. Thank you all and I will be taking you all with me.


Go to a Cracker barrel and rent an audio book that he might like. You can get one in one state and return it in another . You need a cassette player. My husband likes James Patterson or Stuart Woods , mysteries with good looking girls and studley heroes.
Excellent!... What a nice Christmas and New Years's present!
Thank you....see why I depend on you guys so much.....never would have thunk....he loves old westerns so maybe there would be something there for him.......
Tarajane , I saw today that you are having a problem with coping. I belong to another group called memory people. It is a closed group and you need a Facebook page to join. They have 12,000 people all with our problems. You may find help there
Thank you so much, I will find it....

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