Please!!!! If anyone is just starting out in caregiving seek an Elder Care Attorney..

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After reading many discussions on this site , I realized that a lot of people could have avoided many issues with family members and especially Medicaid...


I am desperate to find an elder care lawyer that I can afford. Any suggestions?
Where are you located?
Who are you, dad, uncle, etc?
How old are you? They?
Are you caretaking?
They live alone, with you, assist living, nursing home?
Is this a new situation or how long?
My mother has dementia and was placed in an Assisted Living facility in Michigan. Not happy with where she is. My mother approx. 3 years ago, put three of us children on her Deed to the house. My mother has the POA and was to sell the house now. The house is still in her name.I do not think this is a good idea. I need to speak w/someone who can advise me. Secondly, the Assisted Living Facility will not abide by the Do Not Restate (Durable power of Attorney) if something should happen to my mother. Is this normal?
Perfidia - Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for some advice. Some have elder lawyers who will give you a free half hour of advice. Why did they say they won't abide by the DNR? Is it a religious place? Talk to the head of nursing or the head person to find out why.

There is an Ombudsman for nursing homes who should be able to answer questions and tell you what you can do. If you have trouble finding these resources, write again with your county and state, and someone can help you.
I just read a post from a member who got screwed over from siblings so I felt this discussion needed to come up again!!
assandache7 wrote: "Please!!!! If anyone is just starting out in caregiving seek an Elder Care Attorney.."

How about this - Everyone here should take what they've learned and make it a personal mission to tell as many people as possible to get their paperwork in order LONG BEFORE anything goes wrong.

The earlier people start examining their beliefs and legally documenting their desires, the sooner more people won't have so many of the problems that are constantly described in this forum.
Here, here! CarolLynn the sooner the better!!!!

Make sure you also have a care agreement so your personal finances don't diminish to nul …....
I'm looking for an Elder Care atty in Naples Florida. My mom has very limited funds, we need to start planning. Does anyone have a recommendation?
I Googled naples florida elder law attorney. I found one that actually posts their rates and has a 4 1/2 star rating, but there are several others. THe one with rates posted is willkommlaw/Practice_Areas/Rates_Forms. Key is that whoever you pick is up front about fees and know what they are doing with any Medicaid issues. burzynskilaw/Asset_Protection_Medicaid has good info in that regard. If you find someone who is both, you'll be in a good place.
Consult your local Area Agency on Aging.
Senior Choices of Southwest Florida.

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