Anyone here from New Jersey?

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One suggestion to find someone from your area is to go to the right side of this page where you see MY ACCOUNT.... click on "More".... now go to TOOLS... click on FIND AND MEET MEMBERS. You will see screen names of other members from your area, but please note there are some names of members who are no longer writing or stopped writing years ago on the forums.

P.S. I just noticed on your profile you didn't fill out the profile sheet where it asks where you live. Chances are you won't get any matches using what I had suggested above :(
Ok thank you so much! I'll update my profile and will give that a try!
I actually did all that, but doesn't seem like any of them are active users anymore....haven't posted in a long time. But, thank you!
Back in the late 1980's I did live in Kinnelon, down the road from Wayne. Really loved the area :)
I live in New Jersey. Grew up in Wayne and now I live in Augusta, near Sparta and Lafayette.
I used to pick up and deliver stuff in Jersey I use to otr trucker
Oh yayyy! This is great! What are your experiences with your caregiving of a loved one? Did any of you have a parent/loved one apply for NJ Medicaid and if so, what were the results?
trinity, I found a current writer who is from Prompton Lakes which is in your area.
^^ oops, meant Pompton Plains.

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