Anybody dreading Xmas?

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Really not looking forward to xmas siblings all home and doing nothing I have ordered the precooked dinner as im doing nothing not even washing a cup. My bro and i usually end up cooking then sis just washes up after. the house will be a mess and left to me trust me if there was a way for me to run away for xmas I would!
The ads on tv are making me feel sick "happy families" also this is probably mums last who knows?
Sorry to be so depressing but I am I used to love xmas coming home seeing my friends etc.. now the friends have disappeared and I have very little tolerance left for family.
I pray that money will appear by magic and that I could just go and stay in a hotel until theyve gone back.

How do others cope with siblings at xmas all the peace and love when mine dont give a toss that im not well and mums future care will have to be discussed.

I know there will one day be a light at the end of this tunnel but right now I cant bear the thoughts of xmas and siblings coming. I do intend to be out as much as possible still until they are exposed to mum 24/7 they cant see what im dealing with or care.

I know this must affect alot of us here how do you pretend to get on when all you want to do is tear thier heads off?? (so to speak!)


I emailed my siblings and said not doing it here this year. I think my brother is going do it... We will have dinner here first then stop by his house later for about 2 hours... I'll get Mom home early evening so she can settle down before her bedtime.. It will confuse the crap out of her and she'll probably wake up early on the 26th with a panic attack... Oh joys!!!

I've always loved spending time with my kids and husband st Christmas but things sure have changed since Mom's dementia has progressed.
It's just me and my mom. Talk about depressing. I'm not married, no kids. My brother lives in another state and hasn't come home for three years. I don't mind "the day" so much, but what I hate is everyone I know (or see) asking me what plans I have - I hate that part.
This dysfunctional family is having a hard enough time with Thanksgiving, don't even want to think about Christmas yet! I spent Christmas by myself last year, first time ever, due to family tension. I wasn't invited to spend it with siblings even tough I do all the cafe for mom. Two years ago, another sibling expected me to provide transportation for mom, them come back and pick her up. What the heck planet does she live on?!
Holidays have always been a dreaded time for me. It is when I've had to travel long miles to sit around with a group of polite strangers, with everyone wishing they were somewhere else. The difference now is that I don't have to travel to be with the polite strangers. We're having Thanksgiving at my brother's this year. He lives about an hour away. They invited 11 people we don't know, so it is going to be stressful. They are all part of a cult-like religion, so it is going to be like a different planet. My mother is dreading it. I'm thinking that this, too, shall pass. I sure miss the time when I looked forward to the holidays.
The only part I dread is having to include my unhappy miserable mother. She will sit like a bump on a yuletide log with her passive expression until she goes home. The only reason she comes is because she has no other place to go other than my sister's house, but she doesn't like to socialize with my sister's daughter. So again I am stuck with her like every Christmas's of the pasts. Other than that I am looking forward to my children and grand children.
i dont dread holidays cause i dont celebrate them. its fine when you have young kids but im an adult now and have actually worked nearly every holiday for years. im not a workaholic, just if the weather permits im working.
PHEW! im not alone here! Gladimhere I spent a xmas alone also due to family tension 2yrs ago i have to say it was the best xmas ive had in 4yrs!! I stayed at a friends did nothing cooked myself a turkey and ham AND ate a huge box of chocs while watching "the great escape" LOL yep just me and Steve Mcqueen!! funny thing it was "my great escape".
Gosh JB spending time with a religious cult been there also at my sisters house never again her so called christian friends were there brought nothing ate all around "shoved Jesus in our faces" then one actually took the biggest room which had ensuite and really should have been for mum but my sister insisted that he had gotten used to the room and had to stay there?????? religious my ass! Oh the joys of xmas!
Yes its hard when people know nothing about your messed up family and say to me "wont it be great when they are all home so you can have a break" Ive learnt to smile and say yes "GREAT" i should get an Oscar by now!!

" ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS A BREAK" sniff sniff! x
Debralee sorry to laugh but you describe your mum so well she sounds like my late grandmother I actually think that someone snatched her smile when she was alseep she sat there like a big LUMP too and just gave out she would give us kids our presents then scold us for opening them "can yee not wait until you get home" I still never got it? can you imagine any kid keeping his xmas gifts until later? Boy was she miserable!
When my mum dosnt wear her teeth I tell her she looks like gran you wanna see her move to get her teeth in!!!!!!!! (of course she was my mums MIL)
i traveled to chicaggy one christmas day to help my kid fix his truck. it was an ice blizzard and the roads were deadly. ive never left home on a holiday before so i had no idea that traffic would be bumper to bumper from chicago clear to my driveway 100 miles south. i found it all a bit farciful , millions of people risking their familys lives to spend time with family. my god send a f**king e - card..
yay e - cards. i tried to find one to send to a friend last christmas and after looking at 5000 cards i just kept going back to the one im fixin to fly as an avatar. its rather vulgar so i hope the print isnt legible ( except to those people curious enough to click and enlarge it somehow ) .
i aint gonna fly it for long, the moderator will have my head but it does incredibly sum up my holiday feelings. if ya click on my profile you can probably read it. if your easily offended, then by all means, dont..

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