Just a small rant: Is any medical professional listening to me?


Do doctors or nurses listen to me when I speak? I just had a conversation with the nursing director of the memory care floor of my mom's ALF about leaving her some Glucerna in her mini fridge. Actually have been doing it for months, for them to use if she refuses to eat. Just now I got a phone call from the ALF pharmacy saying that Glucerna was order by the doctor for her to drink at night. Wait what? No please do not send it, I will continue to buy it at Sam's club. Now a phone call to the doctor and ALF to again let them know she already has it. They say they just want it to be on her meds list. I say OK but she has it in the mini fridge because she will not drink it warm and tell her it is chocolate milk. Don't get from pharmacy as the cost is triple. Seriously, can some one listen to me!

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Everything has to be done by standing orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Three of her favorite songs everyday", luv it sunny girl

...would they actually charge for that too I wonder ?

This is my guess, based on what I have been told. In order for the staff to do something, like provide the resident a certain drink, they need a doctor's order or prescription. That's what I have been told about my LO in Memory Care. I actually had to get a dentist order for mouthwash. I'm not kidding. That way, they have to ensure she swishes with the oral rinse.

At the next psychiatrist visit, I'm going to get the doctor to prescribe playing her 3 of her favorite songs every day. lol I'm not kidding.

There were times I thought I would bust every blood vessel in my head when Rainman had his perforated intestine accident.

One example:  Rainman had been released home after a surgery and long hospital stay when he developed a complication that brought us back to the ER. One nurse told me he had to drink about a quart of this gooo for a scan. Rainman wasn't having any part of it. So with the clock ticking and him getting more sick - more agitated- I told the nurse about his autism and his low functioning level - that he had no understanding of anything that was happening. Without missing a beat she replied "Well, you need to explain to him that...". I thought I was gonna loose it.

I did get a bit of passive aggressive satisfaction, however. After I was finally able to get about a cup of it in him - he projectile vomited all the gooo and everything else he'd eaten that day. Seriously, it flew about six feet and covered everything in its wake. Yeah - no more forcing the gooo after that.

and keep in mind the bean counters are not the ones on the floor taking care of your mom,,, its a joke sometimes!

I feel your frustration! I'd be frustrated too. I think it's them following their "rules" and procedures.

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