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Get in touch with your derogatory side here ;

do you hate religion ? hate athiests ? agnostics ? gays ? hetero's ? repubs ? democrats ? commies ? men ? women ? employers ? employees ?
do you hate everybody but yourself ? do you hate yourself ?
old people , young people , baby seals ?
have a piece of coconut cream pie and share it with me .
bring your own fork , this aint the tokyo sheridan .
i hate the tokyo sheridan SO much . i hope termites eat the bamboo framed sob ..


meh , im gonna go plant the rest of my tomatoes . i have that little confidence that you people are going to lighten up and learn to laugh at society to include laughing at ourselves .
ive survived terminal dementia care , in fact twice , and im copping this real calm in my heart . if you hope to survive it i think you should learn to take lifes slams with less seriousness ..
we cant always see the purpose in today . in 2007 i wiped out of a particularily rough hepc treatment with mental issues . i was devastated . today i can see that better meds were just around the corner and wiping out saved me from severe kidney damage .
when i was a 17 yr old kid in the army , my commanding officer sent me for an " expeditious discharge " physical . i wasnt a bad kid , just needed body slammed .
ive hated that guy for nearly 40 yrs but only recently ive realized that he didnt have time to screw with me . he swung his biggest club and swung it with everything he had .
im trying to say -- try to see past the neck deep muck that youre wading in today . a couple of years down the road may see you more stable and confident than you ever imagined ..
Was kinda hoping for the lemon merangue pie.

This new thread suits you, Captain, and I am sure you will get a lot of derogatories and some interrogatories too.
You are exactly right, lighten up! Life is too serious to be taken seriously, and way too serious to be taken for granite.
I hate whiners and fakers. Like the ones who want to be paid 24 hours a day for living in mom's house while mom pays the bills. Then they complain the place is filthy, but they don't want to clean anything. Too many of those.
The more I see of humans the more I retreat into my "Little House on the Prairie", peace and quiet, just me and my beloved dogs. Growing a big garden this year, freezing and canning. Potatoes in the ground, too early to seed outside but I'll be setting up the greenhouse. Chickens coming next week. I'm turning into Granny Clampett :)
EVERYTHING is an enemy of those chickens . ive shot everything from feral cats in hen nests to racoons , owls , mink , even the damn sheriff .. ( but i did not shoot the deputy ..
also i read last night that you can freeze tomatoes with the skin on and when they thaw , the skins will slip .
ive been canning them with the skin on . i think its quite flavorful .
had an awesome va visit today . doc said my liver numbers are indicative of perfect liver health . i knew that . my liver feels great for the first time in 40 yrs .
my only neighbor is a 26 yr old guy who ferments and distills possibly more than i do . last night he gave me 30 ea 1 gallon wine jugs with screw on caps . ill find something positive to do with them even if i have to start making vodka .
i hear ya pam , bout the elder care parasites but elders can be a little eccentric too . i stayed with my mom for nearly 7 years . my house sat empty and vulnerable . companionship and nice meals werent enough for her . she wanted a personal servant , lawn scaper , housecleaner , chaueffer , therapist ..
mom was certifiably nuts and i had to stand my ground with her .. near the end of her life she told me that she felt safe with me cause " i had a spine " .
edna told me the same thing once . " i just feel safe with you " . in her case its cause i didnt have an ulterior motive . i just loved and respected her ..
spine = good thing ....
i would so " do " granny clampett . a few shots of that rheumatiz medicine and wed be physically engaged . lets both cut the BS old lady .. he he
and , yea , your rural king has got some one gallon jars with glass tops right now for an 8 dollar bill . very nice for the price . imo , anything worth stashing in the pantry is worthy of one gallon increments .
my new one is filled with coconut ..
Great, those gallon glass jars can protect little tomato plants from frost. And they are just the right size for a personal batch of root beer.
Ashlynne, Cap is right, everything goes after chickens, so you need hardware cloth on top as well as underneath. Fox will chew through netting. Coop them up at nightfall and release them at sunrise.

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