Taking Mom to Neurologist on Monday and thinking of asking him about an antidepressant to see if it would help her mood.

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Do any of you all have your LO on an antidepressant & noticed improvements? I get so tired of this disease! No longer able to be "normal". I can really tell the moon is full tonight. Mom is so antsy. Mom used to be so easy going and now if we try to tell her what to do she gets so offended. She does not want to be told what to do. Now she thinks the tv is talking to her! I have to be so careful for what I watch. Anywho...did not know if an antidepressant would help or hinder. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks so much.


An antidepressant will be really helpful, if your mother is depressed. I suggest writing down all the symptoms that you notice that MIGHT be related to depression and talk to the neurologist about them. Let him or her decide whether an antidepressant might be useful.
Be careful with anti depressents if your mom is taking warfarin/coumadin. some antidepressants can cause bleeding and interfere with coumdadin and pt INR checks. We opted not to put Mom on an anti depressent because of this and quite frankly, i don't want her drugged up or zoned out all day.
FRAULEIN, it is always wise to be careful of any drugs. But please, those of us who take antidepressants responsibly are not "drugged up or zoned out all day." Many of us hold productive jobs and function just fine, thanks -- often much better than we function without antidepressants. NO ONE HERE wants their loved ones drugged up or zoned out all day. So we try to be very careful about drug use, but that does not mean we avoid all drugs at all costs. I respect your decisions. But please, don't be insulting to those of us who make other decisions.
Took mom today & he gave me a prescription for a low dose of Zoloft. Mom takes Plavix but not coumadin. Mom is not on a lot of drugs so I definately agree not to drug someone up but I just thought the antidepressant might make her feel better as she can have such a gloomy feeling sometimes.
I surely do hope this is an improvement for your mother. If not, the doctor can try something else. There would not be such a large number of different antidepressants if on drug worked for everyone. I hope, though, that the doctor got it right on the first try!
Thanks, Jeanne. I'm hoping it helps also.
How's the med working out?
I know it has made a difference in my MIL. But think she could use some antianxiety med as well.
My mother has Alzheimer's is taking Citalopram 10mg. once a day. It has made a world of difference, does not zombie her out, I wish we could have gotten her on it a long time ago but she refused all medications as long as she had any understanding what she was taking.
Thanks, Sharynmarie & Skinonna for asking! The Zoloft did not work out well for mom, it made her more confused and affected her walking for some reason. So I took her off it. Going back to Neurologist on the 17th. I will mention it to him & see what he thinks. He put her on Zoloft as he thought that would be the one with less side effects. So, we'll see....

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