Another long day. NEVER ends, does it?

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Aunty has a doctor's appointment today to get her stitches from her hip surgery removed. So POA cousin will pick us up and take us to the doctor . We will probably pick up her son (the 11-year old) from school early and take him and baby brother with us. Afterwards, we will probably go out for lunch (our usual routine after her appts).Then as usual again, end up at home where cousin POA will catch a nap while I watch the kids.What else after that all depends on what the doctor tells me to do for her.Oh yeah, I forgot. .. she wants her hair washed and rinsed (she uses a black dye to keep the gray out; thank goodness cousin does this job; she won't trust me to do it).So...while she does it, I am again keeping the baby out of trouble as he's into everything now. Who knows what else is planned for me afterwards? ?Probably another discussion about everything I messed up yesterday.


Why do you put up with this? How are you forced to watch the kids? It sounds like you do what ever ridiculous things your family decides for you. Don't discuss what you messed up yesterday - if they don't like it - they can find and pay for someone else to do this. Don't watch the kids. Why on earth are you putting up with all of this? Decide what you are willing to do and hold firm. Say no to the rest. Get a backbone and stop giving in all of the time - they obviously don't respect you so why would they change? you have to change.
gospelgirl, it sounds like a better idea for you to watch the kids while cousin takes your aunt to the doctor. Are you taking the baby to the doctor and lunch with you?
Something that is really relevant here -- How old are you, gospelgirl? I assume that you are not working and don't have a car. Is there any way that you can change that? It sounds like a job and a car would help you a lot.
JessieBelle...I don't drive any more because of my vision problems. ..I am 52 years old.. I explained about my disabilities in previous posts, but I can do it again if you want or need me to. ..I am on disability. I had a job as a teachers aide but had to quit to care for Aunty. If I go back to work, there is no one else to care for her.
gospelgirl, I looked back over your posts and remembered your circumstances. It does make a difference. I still like the idea of you going to the church events when you want to. Everyone needs their own time away from their care receiver. You do get money from disability, so you are a contributor in every way. Your aunt seems to be using you as her kicking boy. Does she treat her granddaughter the same way?
Of course not; granddaughter is the perfect angel ( sarcasm intended). But I just accept that because she is the only child of Aunty's deceased son(he died when she was 13; she was "daddy's girl", so she took it very hard at the time).Granddaughter is a single parent, so Aunty feels obligated to help her as much as possible.
Granddaughter POA went in for minor surgery today and should be home tomorrow. Her boyfriend's mom (the kids' other grandma) is supposed to watch the kids. Aunty asked her to bring the baby here, but Granny offered to keep them. We still have 11-year old after school, but Dad or Granny is coming to get him (whoever gets off work first). I don't know what is going to happen when she comes home; Granny (Dad's mom) and one of Dad's cousins are supposed to do some of the babysitting. But that's not MY problem, is it? ?:)
New development. ..POA granddaughter had a setback after surgery (vomiting and fever) so they wouldn't send her home as planned yesterday. Kids are still with Granny ( their dad's mom), so I get a short break until tonight, or hopefully Granny can take 11-year old to school on her way to work (oops, that can't happen; just remembered all his school stuff is here!) I'll talk to his dad and see if if he can come up with another plan.

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