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Your or someone else's?
My father's. He used inappropriate language when expressing a complaint to the nurses and director at his assisted living. This crops up every now and then. My thought is to have him apologize. Especially to the CNA who was helping him at breakfast. Causes me sleepless nights.
Lollie, I found this article on Aging Care that might be helpful for your case. It has 105 comments by the writers here
Is anyone at his facility complaining? This iscwhat dementia is like. Don't sweat it. He's lost his filter.
When he loses his temper in the dining room, it is upsetting the other residents. They are also complaining to me and staff in the facility. I did talk with him and asked that he apologize to those who were the recipients to his rants. It seems to have helped for now. Thanks everyone. I am glad I found this forum. It is very helpful. Hugs to all

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