I need to know if I am being compensated fairly.

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I am a caregiver to a 65 yr old disabled vet. He is in a wheelchair. I am required to make his breakfast whenever he gets up and that can be anywhere from 9 to noon. Empty urinals. Feed animals. Drive him to all his doctors appointments and wait till he is done and they usually last all day at VA hospital. Drive him to stores and anywhere else he wants to go. I do not have use of car for myself. Cook dinner every night. Do laundry. Trash. Clean house. Do dishes. Fix him a coke with ice about every hour it seems. I have removed and replaced flooring and put in wood floor. Wasnt paid for that. I have repaired dozens of things around the house. For free. A nurse comes and does his bath. And for my services all I get is room and board. So obviously I have to have a job to pay my bills. I have been going to interviews and was hired for a nice position making 40 an hour.. First day i am to start he has a doctors appointment. I lose job cuz I cant goto work cuz i have to take him to doctors. This has happened twice now. And i have been keeping track and he calls my name to do something like throw something in the trash, or pick up something he dropped at least every 20 minutes all day. Every day. This has gotten progressively worse.

My plan is to goto him and tell him that for room and board only he is allotted X number of hours a week of my time.

So my question is, how many hours a week should he be alloted for room and and board only? and

Should I be receiving some kind of compensation in addition to room and board? If so how much? I am in Texas.


I wanted to ad that I have never done this before, and the guy was a hoarder and his house was filthy with every thing in it covered in a coating of grease and tobacco smoke. Him and his ex wife ate steaks a french fries mosty for 20 years and looks to me like not one thing was ever cleaned. China dishware sets in hutches i took and put in the dishwasher. They were so coated i had to scrub all 300 plus pieces by hand one by one. I have had to repair kitchen cabinets, install a dishwasher, redo the kitchen cabinets, remove all the old carpeting and flooring and install new, Fix plumbing problem in kitchen and bathroom, replace all the ceiling fans as the blades were so coated with this grim they drooped down and would barely turn, replace vent hood, repair dryer that stopped working. reapir old truck in driveway so it could be moved, clean out the garage, clean out storage sheds in the backyard, clean out rabbit cages and collect rabbit dookie and shovel it in bins, reapir the soffit in backyard, and more. He has a Chevy HHR and you cant put one of those devices to put his 300 lb electric chair on back. They say not enough metal in back of car. So i built these ramps and chair BARELY fits in HHR and getting the ramps out is a pain in the but and getting the chair up and down it is very difficult, and dangerous and i have almost dropped it out the back and it has injured me twice. I HATE THAT CHAIR!!!! I cringe everytime he tells he that he has to go somewhere becuase i know i will have to fight that chair in and out of his car numerous times. Eventually it will fall out and hopefully that ill be the end of that chair (just kidding) I digress. i have spent almost 4 months trying to clean everything up, in this house so it is somewhat sanitary. Becasue i have never done this before i think I have been snookered into the free room and board thing by his daughter. How do ii even go about telling them that i need to be paid something after four months? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
And you're no relation to him? I'd be so out of there....
ANd for all the work listed above in addition to being his on call servant 24/7 (and yes he has woke me up many times in middle of the night screaming my name cuz he was thirsty or something else trivial) all i have received is room and board and not one dollar in cash. And recently he will call to pick up a pill he dropped (one time i went in the kitchen and his pill sorting thing was on the floor and about 300 plus pills everywhere and i am 99% sure he did it on purpose becasue my girlfriend came to see and had driven a 100 miles to do so and she and i were in my bedroom so he pulled that stunt, then i would go back in my room and 15 minutes later wanted urinals emptied, 10 minutes after that a new soda, 15 minutes after that check the mail. Then it was find him a band aid, then cut him a piece of cardboard 8" x 10", then it was find him some manilla envelops, then it was to look for some sweat pants he wanted to wear. the whole time she was here 20 minutes was longest before he interrupted with the pill fiasco. He would not leave me alone to see my girlfriend who i hadnt seen in over a year. she ended up getting mad and left) or drop some other thing like a piece of mail. And keeps doing it more and more and he was able to get the stuff he dropped without any trouble till about 2 weeks ago. And what is even more frustrating he is always wanting to go to this store or that and even when it is albertsons or krogers that have electric chairs he insists we take his special electric chair i have now named satan. He wanted me to take him to pay the electric bill. Something i could have done without him. I thought he just wanted to ride and no reason for him to get out of car and he STILL insisted bringing satan the chair, and when we get to water office, wants me to unload it, trasfer him into it, so he can roll to night drop and he can stick it in the slot, and come back to car and i have to load that d*mn chair again, go home and unload it again. That made me mad. Passive aggressive behaviour i think. Sorry this is so long winded. Im frustrated big time.

I am surprised you hired onto this job without ever seeing the house. With the condition of the home, I would have quit the next day.

Well, a one bedroom place in Mesquite TX is 850 a month. Add in utilities and estimate $1000 for room. Board depends on what you eat, so I will estimate $10 a day or $300 a month. So now we are at $1300/month.
If you sleep 8 hours a night, but are on duty the other 16 x $10/hr that would be $160 per day or $4800 a month. EEK you are underpaid by a LOT.
Personally, I think you should take that job at $40/hr and move on.
In response to your "I would be so out of there" well I would love to leave, and considering i havnt been paid and unable to get a job event though i am trying i have no money to :get out of here" and till i go back to work (which he has sabotoged on purpose i thik) i wont have any money. And everytime i go to leave for anything even when it is obvious i am in a hurry he will say "where you going?", "when you be back?" and then without exception say "before you go can you do this this and that thing please?"
Your are being exploited. Quit. Find another job. Find a room elsewhere. There is no way to make your situation "fair." Give 2 week notice and start job hunting NOW.
In response to being out of here seeing condition of houseI took the deal because of a situation with an ex business partner that went litagious and death threats had been made so i needed to go somewhere he couldnt find me and had to do it immedietly and since he had stolen over 700 grand from me my options were limited. He also stole 7 million from zalescorp and is now in prison.
I didnt have a vehicle for ffirst two and a half months here as my girlfriend totaled mine and was excluded on insurance. And he wouldnt let me use his. Last week i bought a corvette and he hates i have a car. Yesterday he "accidently" scratched it with that d*mn chair tryign to get to his car. When he did it i said "what the h*ll" and his response was "sorry" thats it. I havnt said two words to him since he did that
Wait a minute. You've been involved in a business worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and you can't figure out what compensation should be for a live-in caregiver? Are you putting us on?

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