Alzheimer's Documentary on TV tonight, PBS.

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I got a notification of a documentary on Alzheimer's

Here is the website where you can find your local listings.


I will try to catch it online tonight and stream it to my TV. If I can't, I'll watch it on PBS later in the week.
Thanks for letting us know :-)
Hmmm, I can find my local pbs channel but do not see it listed tonight? Guess I can always stream it tomorrow? bummer...
Just set the DVR. Thanks for pointing it out. It looks like it's going to be good.
My SIL's Mom finally passed on Sunday (Thank you Jesus) from Alz and I have wake tonight and tomorrow, and funeral on Wednesday. She has been totally gone, besides moaning in pain, for months. "Any time now" went on for 6 weeks. Lord I pray for a massive stroke or heart attack for my Mom.
I will watch it when things calm down here.
So sorry for your friends mother.... I think. Actually, yes I am. Sorry she got this awful disease and her daughter had to go through it with her.

I hear your prayers and 2nd them with a giant AMEN!!

Sad to hear the passing of Joan Rivers. GLAD it was done and over in a flash for everyone.
Does anyone know when it might be on again or where I could buy it? (Would need official title though). Just learning about experiences I've been having with my dad recently. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Jeanette. Cknudsen. We don't have printed schedules for PBS. But you can try googling. I tried using my own place. "PBS XXXX" And then I clicked on Weekday Schedule. And there it is. At 10pm, the show "P.O.V: The Genius of Marian".

If I want to watch this, I'd better start changing dad's pamper now, 830pm. Then take a shower. And I will be done for the day and can relax and watch the show at 10pm. Let's hope the PBS here follows their schedule!
It I showing again tonight at 10 on PBS Houston. I love my DVR

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