Alzheimer's cure.

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there's a good article on the daily mail website today concerning the future of alz care. the affliction is being blamed on genetic dysfunction and a nasal inhaler may correct the genetic snafu. in fact i like reading medical info from the uk. its straightforward and lacks the 'for profit' spin of american medical articles.


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Just googled "daily mail alzhemier cure nasal spray" and found it. If the 11 genes are small enough to fit into adenoviruses this is not as crazy as it sounds. There is some risk to it - there was a gene therapy trial using adenoviruses that was stopped due to an unexpected research subject death - but Alz is a bad disease...

I wish the dystrophin gene for Duchenne's was small enough for them to keep working on it this way though. I wonder how long it will take before more of the actual gene therapies are a reality, and how much the companies are going to try to charge for it!

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