Alzheimer's and anxiety (and anti-anxiety meds).

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I just read an article from the Los Angeles Times website about a class of anxiety drugs that can apparently exacerbate dementia symptoms in Alzheimer's patients. Thought I'd share it here and get some reflections from people with Alzheimer's affected parents (and maybe some caregivers or medical professionals?) What do you think of this study? Is it consistent with your observations?


Looking forward to the discussion.


Just a coda, I shouldn't assume that everyone here is like me, a child of someone with Alzheimer's. I should have said "relatives" or "loved ones" rather than "parents"! I'd be curious to hear opinions from anyone affected by Alzheimer's who has experience with anti-anxiety meds, actually.
My sister has been on benzodiazepines for 30 years for behavioral and seizure control. I don't see the correlation, at least not in her case. She is now 60.
Without them she would be in a lock-up at the state psych center.
Memory loss or violent behavior? You pick.

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