Why do all the appliances keep breaking around my mother?

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I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but it has gotten to be a bit irritating for me. My mother does something that makes appliances break. I don't know how she does it. She has gone through four lamps, two remote controls, two phones, a microwave, and today her television. Why do things keep going under around her? I don't know. The only thing I can figure is that she is poking around on them too much or turning too hard. She is also having trouble with plumbing getting stopped up, even her bathroom sink. I don't know how anyone stops up a bathroom sink.

Just venting really. Today she dropped a pan of bacon grease on the floor, stopped up her bathroom sink, and the TV went on the fritz. Whatever happened must have been a short, because the lights kept flickering in my room. To try to solve it, she unplugged her phone and erased the memory of the numbers I put into it. Argh!!! Going crazy here.


I wish I knew! Today Mom's hearing aides are not working again.. when we got this new pair we had to go back about 5 times... I swore she had a crush on the hearing aide guy. Today it starts again..Hubs messed with them, thought they were ok.. she tells me they are not. So here we go again! I'm sure the washer will be next... She hates it !
pam, I won't even try hearing aids with my mother. The ENT said they wouldn't help, anyway. I was glad he said that. If we had gotten some for her, I would end up correcting them several times a day. Then my mother would say she doesn't like the way things sound and they don't work. Then she would lose them. Her hearing a little better wouldn't have been worth my sanity. :-O
The TV has become a bit of a problem. The IR sensor for the remote control went out, so the TV needs repair. So I asked my mother if she wanted to take it in for repair, buy a new one, or just use the buttons on the side of the TV. She didn't want to do any of these. She just wanted me to make things work again like normal. She keeps pushing the remote buttons like things are going to magically be fixed.

So, what to do? I can't link to blue tooth, because she wouldn't be able to learn to use it. In-home repair would probably cost as much as a new TV. Replacing makes the most sense, but the TV is heavy (40") and set on a glass table. I mean pure glass -- 3 panels of it. :-( Wish there were some men around here. I'm not very strong.

Anybody know the technicalities of TV repair and replacement? I need some guidance. I don't know a lot about TVs.
Buy a new TV and have it delivered. Look for a store that has the delivery guys take away the old one, it might cost a few bucks extra but is well worth it.
Mine is gone too Jessiebell. I use the side buttons ,but I know that would be way too hard for your mother (and mine). Oh my mother broke her lift chair yesterday lol
I ended up scheduling a repair. It should really be a simple fix, but I know it will cost an arm and leg for them to come here to do. Still I figured it was a small price to pay for sanity. cwillie, I also thought about replacing it and hoped they would take away the old one to refurbish. Then I thought it would probably be easier to just fix this one, since it is something my mother is used to. I have a feeling that the charge will be about the same as a new TV. I'm a total babe in the woods when it comes to things like this. I bought one TV in my life many, many years ago. That's my whole experience with them... except I know they're heavier than I care to move.

When I first moved in, I had no idea that I would be here so long that we would be cycling through home repairs and appliance replacements. Oy. 
Kellse, do you think your mother was too rough on the chair, or did it just break on its own accord? I know that most of the problem with my mother's television is she doesn't understand that you can't turn it off, then back on, then back off, etc. She doesn't know it zaps things when this happens. Yesterday before the TV sensor went out, the lights flickered every few seconds. Turned out she was turning the TV off and on when this was happening. I'm glad she didn't blow a fuse. (We still have an old fuse box. The lamp incidents have blown them. Thank goodness it blew a fuse instead of causing a fire!)
My mother breaks things too. I had the plumber come to fix a broken faucet in her bathroom. The faucet was brand new when mother moved in. Also there was a leak in the tub faucet because she yanked the knob too hard. I got a new smooth top stove and within the first week there was a scratch across the top. Mother is just hard on things. I don't know how many times I had to reset the ringer on her cell phone. I don't know how she does to it. Her breaking things drives me crazy.
My father has broken a riding lawn mower, television that was less than a year old, electric razors, can openers, the bathroom toilet and much more. Since I've been a caregiver for over 11 years. I now know why caregivers die before the person they are caring for. I never had high blood pressure until I started taking care of my father. I love my father but most of the time he in not a nice person. He is able to do things for himself but he will get verbally abusive towards me if I ask him to do something. He has even told me that he would kill me. He refuses to see his family physician or take medication. Has anyone else been threaten by the elderly and what do you do? When my father threaten me my family thinks it's a joke because my father is 84 years young.

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