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Everyone seems to be worn more than just a bit thin recently, what with caregiving duties, grieving lost loved ones, the holidays and the drama that often comes with all of that from our families and/or friends.

I thought I'd start a somewhat lighter thread, where we can post our hopes and wishes for 2017. Feel free to share yours.


I'll start.

All I want in 2017 is.... reclaim my house from the madness that has taken over during my DD's stay here with her kids. refinish the floors in the house, repair any damage done by the kids that seems to somehow get "hidden" until I accidentally discover it, and enjoy the nice, clean house that STAYS clean when I clean it. recover financially from the above-mentioned situation. (The impact hasn't been horrible, but there's definitely *has* been an impact.) finally get to the end of all the seemingly-endless paperwork and phone calls surrounding Mom's passing 6 months ago. be able to resume normal everyday activities on a full-time basis and not work from my darn bed! (It's slowly getting better but definitely not 100% yet - not even close.) see Mom's ashes placed where Dad's were released, per her wishes. It will hurt all over again, but we all need this closure. enjoy life and start to understand what it is to be alone, without responsibility for anyone but myself - something I have never, ever had in my adult life. SO looking forward to that.
...and to add a few lighter wishes.... have Tom Selleck in my kitchen in nothing but an apron every morning. have uncaring relatives forced to perform a tour of duty in the memory care ward of the local nursing home...preferably on bedpan and diaper changing duty.

...or are those too much to ask for? lol
All I want in 2017 is to reclaim and regain the energy and enthusiasm that I had for my list of home improvement projects that I started upon moving into our new old house in late 2009 - but had to come to a screeching halt early 2011 when my parents both had health crisis at the same time - and life as I knew it also came to a screeching halt. Refinishing the old picnic table the previous owners left behind...
Just ran across this thread when I was wondering where you went off to lately.
At last report, Tom Selleck is at least 72, be careful what we wish for, even though I like him too, is your kitchen wheelchair accessible? Lol. And that apron? He is a big man, the apron may be just big enough to use as a bib........
if he starts to drool.....
There is another 70+ man wreaking havoc in a lot of our lives. I wish it was only a daydream!
Dear Susan,

Thank you for starting this post. And for mentioning Tom Selleck. Its funny because I recently watched Three Men and a Baby and Three Men and a Little Lady. Tom is so handsome and sweet. I went looking for clips of the movie on YouTube and discovered Tom has been on a new TV show on CBS called Blue Bloods. I cannot believe that show has been on for 7 seasons, but I only started watching it in 2017. For a 72 year old man, he still looks good. So I having him in your kitchen is not a bad idea.:-)

The one thing I want for 2017 is to have my dad back, but I know that is not realistic. I guess then, to survive this full year without my dad. To honor his memory. And to continue to get up every day and be a good person if I can. I can't even think of anything fun for now. I know people want me to travel and to try new things, but I find it too hard. Miss my old life with my dad still.

Thank you again for this post. When I am more hopeful, I hope I can add something fun to my lists.
For 2017 I want to:

Get more involved in social causes and exercise my civic responsibility.

Help my special needs niece learn to read and to write her name.

Rekindle more old friendships with friends I haven't seen in years.

Get the renovations to my house completed.

Get to my goal weight and in top physical shape.

Be able to start in my new career.

Be financially successful and able to treat my parents to a beach vacation.
Get engaged. 

*World peace - may as well think big LOL
*A winning lottery ticket, it doesn't have to be a really big prize, a million is fine ;)
*A personal chef
*Someone just a phone call away who will come at a moment's notice to take care of mom's bowel accidents (some of you may remember that thread)

Thanks, SendHelp - I'm still here, just not commenting much.
My wish for the year is simple. I'd like to get to know my new friend. I really like him. He's nice looking, sweet, and has the greatest voice ever. I just hope he's available and not just flirting. Wish me luck, everyone.

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