All have filial responsibility including state and fed govt.

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Need help us to care for our elders. Pay family members to care for elderly..will cost less than Medicaid Medicare etc..etc..less dementia/Alzheimer's cost this way...let families care for love not rocket science!!. Too late for me...i lost two can i help?


Unfortunately, as I understand it, if the family member needing care has assets, it has to be their choice to pay you. We can't pay ourselves for caring for them, even if we are unable to get outside employment because of our responsibilities to them.
I'm not sure what you are saying, AunekE.... are you saying the Government should step up to help pay caregivers that are family?
My mother has assets. She would not pay me to care for her unless she were under my roof.
Also, consider that some elderly people have special needs that a lay person, even a loved one, is not equipped to deal with.
I agree that keeping people in their communities is more cost-effective. Many states do pay family members to care for loved ones at home. You won't get rich with what they pay, but it helps. That is a model that should be expanded, and in fact that is happening.

I just read last night that my state (Minnesota) is #1 for quality long-term care, and one of the factors for that is how much support there is for at-home care. I didn't realize this pattern isn't universal. It should be, and even this state could do more.
Call the County Office of the Aging and ask for their help.
Have responsibility for those who came before&come after happy with fact am absolutely ecstatic about knowing this!
State/Fed govt is simply We The People.

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