I called the only local Jewish "old folks home" and asked to speak to the CEO. All I got was the run around.

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I got sent to Beth, Sarah, and Dawn, numerous times each but never who I asked for = the CEO. The crazy thing is, this is where my friend wants to stay but it's twice as much as other places per month. As many of you know, other places may state an opening price, but then they nickel and dime you to death - to the point of paying extra for toilet paper. I was trying to investigate this. In my wee head, I thought well, the up front cost is pricey, but then (I would hope) it would cover x,y,z. Sorry, if some company wants to charge twice as much as other local places, I should be able to reach the CEO.


You talk to sales first. You find out what is included in the base price and what levels of care are offered, and what is charged for them. Then they assess your friend and they tell you what level of care she needs. Most ALs don't have CEOs.
I guess it depends on the facility. Some of the Assisted Living facilities that I have contacted had sales reps, but most had a director or office rep that gave me info and met with me and gave me a tour of the place. I would first ask if they had any openings for a female with dementia, then what kind of pay they accepted and then they told me who to speak with if we got that far. While touring the place they explain their services and what level of care they offer.
CEO's don't know diddly about patient care. Talk to the Head Nurse if you want real answers. Do it in person, then they know you are serious.
Where is this mans family?
hobbesmom, I am confused, why do you want to speak to the CEO or whomever runs this retirement home? If your friend wants to live there and spend the money, that should be her business, even if the home charges twice as much for their care. That is why there are many choices of retirement communities out there. You pick what you can afford. You aren't going to find one that give everything free, that retirement home would go bankruptcy real quick.
Pam, no one but you can talk me off a ledge. Thanks :: smile ::

It was through this message board that I learned Assisted Living can mean many things. Some will charge you a gazillion dollars and then charge extra for toilet paper! The thing is, supposedly this place is where she wants to go, but she's been balking about the cost for eons. The price really may not be an issue - yes, their up front cost is twice as high, but it depends upon what it includes. Other companies may say they charge less, but then they nickel and dime you to death. Ultimately, it depends on her wants and needs. Call me crazy, but if a company touts itself as special and charges twice as much as other local services do, then I expect special service. Long story short the CEO finally did call and hung up on me.

Before she even came into my life, I read stories about "old folks" essentially living on cruise ships. I thought that was nutty but now, not so much.

texakana - her son is my sister's bf. He is local. He makes sure she gets to her doctor appointments, but not much else. Her daughter lives in Florida. She gets to be the good guy because she doesn't have to deal with the day-to-day things. Oh! They talk on the phone when Dancing with the Stars comes on! When she was in Florida (near the daughter), daughter's husband (we're talking about people in their 60s) put up quite a fuss because his dinner was not on time.
We got out of the house 2+ years ago. That was not easy. She's had both knees replaced and at least one hip. There was a very scary staircase to go .upstairs and no bathroom on the first floor. Thankfully, she is out of that mess but she needs more help and attention than her son is willing to give. Hence, the whole convo about Assisted Living. and now we're learning that Assisted Living can have many different definitions. She will require at least a toaster over and according to here, that is not allowed.
Christ Almighty, my typos are atrocious. I'm not even drinking. Oi.
So, we have a son who takes you to her numerous doctor appointments but can't be bothered about anything else, certainly not socially. Then, we have a daughter who lives numerous states away and gets to play the "good guy" but, god forbid her hubby's dinner isn't served on time.

I am part of this because she asked me to be. I am not a masochist.
Hobbesmom, am I recalling that this is the only kosher facility in town, and that's what your friend requires? Does she have other members of her community who reside there? Can you be in contact with their family members? Why does she think she needs a toaster oven?

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