Alien abduction? PLEASE, TAKE ME!!

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As I'm sitting here this morning the start of a new day reading the same old news, doing the same old thing I do every day it has suddenly hit me how profoundly bored I am. This caregiving 24/7 is one mean ordeal to deal with.
Suddenly out of the blue it hits me! ALIEN ABDUCTION! that's what I need, take me away! Maybe I'll paint " take me" on the roof today. Ah, but then who would take care of Mom?


Maybe you should write "Take Her" on the roof and it would be like Cocoon the movie. She'll never grow older and won't be sick. You would know she would be taken care of and you would be free. But try to explain it to APS.
LOL! Never thought about that. What a nice thought, never getting older or being sick and look at the adventure. Your right, hard to explain to APS or relatives. Have a great day.
i dream of a one way ticket to Belize
Why Belize?
beaches, turqoise waters, rum punch - no cares
Why the rum??? (just kidding, joke from Pirates of the Carribean..Johnny Depp just flashed in my mind..can't imagine why...
LOL NoJoy about your alien abduction fantasy. Take my Mom.. PLEASE...

Don't know if anyone is Christian here, but I keep praying for RAPTURE. Beam us up now please Mr. Spock!!! When you see what is going on "out there", dementia starts to look really, really normal. Or, a natural reaction that happens within good people to all the evil taking place. The world is crazy y'all.
life never lets up with the BS . my childhood was a never ending drag of church going , then 3 yrs of army life that really blew , of course 18 yrs of marriage had tremendous difficulties culminating in divorce . 15 yrs of my son working with me and driving me nuts , being my mothers domestic partner thru 6 yrs of steadily worstening dementia , now i have a mule faced helper id like to pick up by her heals and beat my " west virginia " stupid renter with . my lumbar , right elbow and left hand are worn out from beating on rocks for 30 yrs but aside from these minor annoyances , everything is going great .
Francis: NO NO NO!! company I'm off to see the ALF(alien life form) all by my little lonesome. Liked your comment.
Yes I know how you feel..Same routine every day-I guess it makes it easier for everyone but I crave the days when I could just get up and go whenever I wanted..

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