Advice on alcohol and vascular dementia.

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confabulations and dad getting siblings to hate each other


Just to let you know I could only read "Advice on alcohol and vascular dementia.
confabulations and dad getting siblings to hate yeah other.
It may be all you wrote but I tried clicking on but nothing else came up. I would be interested in this topic because my father likes to get everybody going as well.
Confabulation is a symptom of vascular dementia, especially if it is due to alcoholism. There are syndromes (Wernicke's, rostral vermis, etc) that need to be explored by a neurologist. Sometimes a simple solution (like treatment of vitamin deficiency) can help. If you haven't been to a neurologisat about these symptoms, it's a good idea. Might not be any easy solution, but knowing the specifics can help. Also, the doctor can clarify whether alcohol is safe, and at what level. Often it is NOT, and having an expert to define the limits might at least help get others on board.
Can alcohol dementia be reverse if they don't drink anymore? My dad has it n had to be admitted to ER from malnutrition, dehydration n bruised due to falls. He then went to a rehab to help build his strength for he can hardly walk. Actually both my dad n stepma had to go to the ER. The sm is still in rehab due to stubbornness but now doing better. They had lived on their own private property but the trailer was condemn. My dad has been staying with my aunt in FL for about 5 or months where my brothers live. However, our aunt is ready for him to get out by January n the sm should be getting out of rehab. No one wants to take on the responsibility of them two due to their own situations n I cannot due to I am already a caregiver for the mnl. I wander if it can be reverse n maybe they could stay in an assisting living? I know my dad is not able to walk good n I think because he don't try anymore now that he is out of rehab. Not sure what to do. The sm is just as hardheaded too. help.
Damage due to prolonged alcoholism is permanent. Look up wet brain syndrome.
Take care of yourself.
Why would a physician in a hospital say that it can be reversible?
Thanks Linda GS, I looked it up n it does say 'IF" they quit drinking. I know that has to be hard on him but their is still the 'If" so I am going to hang on to th "IF" being it is my dad n I love him dearly no matter what. Here what the website mention.
"If such people can be identified early enough, it will be possible to provide treatment. Even if these individuals refuse to give up alcohol, they may still be helped by thiamine supplements." and by taking thiamine supplements. He was treated for alcoholism so that he would not have any withdrawal so hopefully that will help him too stay alcohol free. I know their r some damage already but as long as the "If" is their we can at least try to see if it can prevent any progression. Now, I guess to see if he can stay in an assisting living place.
(((((((lildeb))))) I think it is a matter of degree, and what it is that is reversible. As you say there is some damage already, but some things may be reversible. Hopefully your dad wiill stop drinking. Mine did once he went into a facility. He already had vascular dementia, but he was well cared for, happy, and had several good years, before he declined. ((((((((Hugs))))))))) I loved my dad dearly too.
Thanks Emjo for understanding for it makes it harder when u love a parent so much n then their r times u can't make their decision for them sometimes. I hope he continues to be alcohol free too. Sorry to hear that your dad had the same thing. I am still trying to work the brothers on getting him somewhere nice to stay n that is if he will go for it too. He has a lot of Irish n can be very, very stubborn. He does realize that he was not eating good but n knows he was or they my SM were drinking more. However, he never said he would not drink either n right now while at his sister's place he don't drink that I know of. I call n talk to her to see how she is doing n can tell it is taking a toll on her. At least she spoke up to the bro's about getting dad a place by January.
I would recommend you and your sister and brothers to begin to attend Al-Anon, to meet others who have shared this experience. They will help you to stay well and sort out what is helping him drink and what is helping him stay sober. They will help you understand what you can not control.

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