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I was drowning in sorrow. I was ready to give up on life, literally. Then I found this website. There are people here who really helped me with role playing answers and positive encouragement. It was scary for me, but I put them into play and things worked out for me. My mom's reactions were both what I expected and what I did not, but for the most part I took the initiative to control my life. It's easier to do that once one realizes he or she is not alone. On this forum I have found so many similar situations, some that mirror my life almost to a tee.

I am fortunate that I found this site, and I plan to come here regularly to learn more. This is not just to benefit myself, but also help to influence my mom to have a happier life. If she does not want to do this, I also know it is not my fault. I am a person who has clinical depression and anxiety. My life was truly hanging in the balance before coming here. Now with the support of this site, I can feel confident that I have a place to turn to that is nonjudgmental and encouraging. Thank you for everyone who encouraged me. I truly appreciate you.


How very kind of you to take the time to post this! Thank you.
Thumbs up hpygrl. I hope the hpy will soon mean happy. You are definitely not alone in feeling stretched. It is demanding to live life for two people. Hugs to you in finding your way on the road.
I think MANY of us here feel just as you do. We come here desperate and lonely and overwhelmed only to find others in the same situation who take time to encourage US - even amidst their own trials and troubles. This is an amazing and caring group and I, too, will be forever grateful. THANK YOU ALL and hopefully this site will continue to encourage you and US - to do the best we can and not beat ourselves up to badly when we can't. Blessings to all for 2014!
Funny how things work out sometimes... when we think we can not do this one more day, we find this site, find out we are not alone.... and we get so much support and validation..... thank you for finding this site... you are one more voice that will be will never be alone again.... happy to hear you are implementing some of the things shared.... that always makes it feel, for us ,that we are not doing this for nothing... that someone will benefit from our keep us updated on your journey....everyone here is on the same journey...sending you lots of hugs.....
I agree! It's nice to know we are not alone during this phase of our lives...
Very nice to read - glad you are doing better & hanging in there!! Just remember that for every person who thinks they are the ONLY one going through a rough patch, there are at least 20 on this site who have gone through, or are still going through, the exact same thing! It makes the journey so much easier to bear!
UPDATE!!!! My mom started to be abusive to me yesterday. She needed me to do some things for her, but she began to berate me. I began to feel terrible, and have a panic attack. I decided to go to my room, and there is where I stayed resting. What she needed me to do had a deadline, but in my mind, I refused to leave the room until I felt better. That was four hours later. Then I left and went to evening worship. After I go home she was somewhat pleasant, and the next day, downright nice! Today, I see when her stress level starts to go up, it happens with pain. I helped her the best I could, and then relaxed. Finally, I am learning to take control and know it is OK.
This website has been a big help to me. Even though what I am doing for my parents isn't that demanding in the greater picture of things [I am their driver], I do find it very stressful because I never had any children or siblings to practice on ;]

This website has helped me see that some of things my parents are doing, they are in their 90's and still living in their single family home in the suburbs, is pretty much the norm for their age. I've never been around to help anyone who was elderly, so all this was new to me. And it doesn't come second nature.

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