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My husband called me from next door so I went home and the next morning she called over to my house and told my husband that I beat her up and punched her in the back and shoved into the wall and that there was two other people and asked me to come over and when I got there she was all dressed up to go out. I asked her where she was going and she said that she was going dancing. I told her that they are not open until the next evening but that she looked very pretty. She got mad at me and told me that I was a liar and to shut up so I left and went back home? The next morning he called her to tell her that she had a doctors appointment and she proceeded to tell him that her and I had a fight and that I started punching her and shoved her into a wall and that there was two other people there but they wouldn't help her. I Would never hit anyone especially and elderly person with health issues but she scares that I did. About ten minutes later she asked me if I was going to take her to the doctors which I did and she acted fine but now I am afraid that she will tell other people bad things about me and I am not going to go to jail for helping someone out. Any suggestions because a part of me never wants to help her again because of this. I just installed three smoke detectors in her home also but she paid for them. Lol. I am learning.


Yankee; this is your neighbor who you're helping yes? And this is a new symptom?

She may have a urinary tract infection; do you go to doctor appointments with her? Can you ask her doctor to order a test?

I think it may be time for you to call the local Area Agency on Aging and ask them to come and do needs assessment for her.
Sounds to me that what she really needs is company, perhaps in the guise of assisted living. I take care of my own mother but only because I retired and never married so my decision was easy. However, if I were you I would discretely, install a monitoring system that would allow to track her movements and behavior. People may say this is against the law, but if she's suffering from dementia then you have all the authority you need. You are her daughter.
Is the person you are concerned about a friend who is living in Independent living as stated in your Profile? If so, I'd contact her POA or closest family member and alert them. I'd be concerned about her mental state. As suggested above, it could be a UTI, other infection, vitamin deficiency, dementia or something else. When people are suffering from delusions, it's serious. I'd seek medical advice for her, if possible. IF there is no one else to call, I'd consider contacting Adult Protective Services or her doctor. People can injure themselves, when they are operating under a delusion.

I'd also be concerned that she could make an unfounded allegation. I'd beware of that and always have a witness with you when around her. I hope you can get her some help.  I don't know of anyway to understand a delusion.  It can come from anywhere out of nowhere.  Hopefully, she can get diagnosed and treated. 
She has no UI but does have high blood pressure due to a fracture to her arm and the pain that she is in. This is what her primary doctor told her and I have made an appointment for her to see a neurological the first week in June. She wants her drivers license back but they will refuse to do that. She called me at 4:30 this morning to come over and make the man that is sleeping on her couch to go away. She said that he hides in her upstairs but not in her attic. She lives in a one story house. I refuse to go next door to her house without someone with me because of the things that she said to me. I am also making an appointment with an elder attorney. My hat is off to anyone that has to go through any of this.
I'd make sure her doctor knows of her delusions and/or hallucinations. It's risky for someone to live alone with that going on. We had a family friend, who had dementia. His family knew, but did not appreciate how risky it could be for him to be alone and suffer with delusions and hallucinations. He believed there were children making noise in his house. He ran out into the street to escape them, fell and broke his hip and never recovered.

Is there a way you can ALERT the Neurologist of what she is experiencing? It's important that is informed. With this information, perhaps, he can contact authorities and they can get her some help. Are you the POA? Who is in charge of her long term care arrangements?
I refuse to go over there nor even talk to her anymore even though we used to go places together and we were always laughing over something. My husband is going to have to take her to the doctors and I told him to tell him about every action she is making. At first, she knew that he was my husband but she now has it in her mind that he is my brother and I think that may be the reason she wants me out of the picture. I have lost a dear friend but I would not look good in Orange! Lol

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