After Christmas anger and agitation.

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We had all of our family (30) for Christmas Eve. They all seemed to have a good time, including my Alz husband. Today he is angry at everything. He could not find the one gift he had for me, and is suspecting someone took it. He has torn apart all of the trash looking for it. No matter how hard I tried to distract him, he keeps going back to that. I am now trying to stay in another room from where he is. Is this wrong?


You do what you have to do...if that helps you cope, then it's OK. I'd say those kinds of big holiday celebrations are too much for your husband at this point. Maybe someone else can host it and you can go for a short (1-2 hour) visit.

I had relatives who wanted to come visit my mom (she doesn't have Alz, but is in her 90s). I told them we'd meet them at a restaurant and we'd only stay for an hour, because more than that and my mom would be worn out. My mom has no short-term memory, so any kind of get together is stressful, because she can't remember who's who and that worries her. So now I think of her needs before the rest of the family. I'm her advocate, so it's up to me to think of her needs first. Hugs to you...this too shall pass.
We watched Home Alone last night as a family, then folks went to bed. Dad was up at 1130 all agitated.. yep.. poor Home Alone gets the blame. Today he was telling everyone what happened to him... Home Alone... Tonight he was back to Pawn Stars and I am hoping for a calmer night!!! But he was pretty good otherwise. We had the in laws and our neighbors and our daughter and hubs cousin for dinner. To many "strange people" and he is off his routine. Do what you need too and don't feel guilty
Thanks pamzimmrrt and blannie! I love this site ~ to have the input and support.
My kindle will not let me type your name but I will call you home alone. LOL. Isn't it a riot. You never know what can set them off. Mom is pretty good with movies so far. I just had to laugh because you just never know. The other day she saw wallpaper that wasn't there and wondered why I wouldn't say if I liked the wallpaper or not. On TV mom thinks that tv land changes the Everybody loves Raymond reruns have different endings and change things. Merry Christmas!
Ah yes. I get this only too well. Went through it with mom from 2010 & 2011; horrible, frightening combativeness, agitation and downright mean behavior, all directed at my husband and myself. Now it's Deja Vu All Over Again with dad this year. Mom passed Oct 2014; dad has no short term memory and continually makes me relive this at least 5 times a day with his "Where's your mother?" question. I have one sibling who doesn't want to "deal" with it so she doesn't. God bless us every one.

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