Need advice for my situation as caregiver for Mom.

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My daughter and I moved in with my parents 3 yrs ago when we had money difficulties after an accident. Over the years, my parents' healths deteriorated and I became the caregiver to them both just because I lived with them. I homeschool my daughter and go to school myself. If I work full-time, there will be no one to stay with my Mom, but I need income because if something happens to Mom, we won't have a home any longer. The stress is compounded by my brother who always comments about how my situation will be bad if something happens to Mom. Real supportive dude. I appreciate any advice and support. Thanks!


I don't know your situation completely, so I suggest that you have a dopa written by an elder law attorney. A dopa will allow you to make medical and financial decisions until death. An elder law attorney can also make a live will which allows your parent/s to decide how they want to be treated in a life threatening situation that requires feeding tubes, ventilors...ect. Depending on your parents financial situation, you can check into medicare which requires a 5 year look back on regarding their finances and a spend down to $2,000 in income and finances. Check with the Agency on Aging in your county or city for more help and support.

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There are two great articles written by editor’s that were already posted in our community. We thought this might answer your caregiving question.

“10 Government Programs You Can Access for Your Elderly Parents.”

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We hope this helps.

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If mom dies, wouldn't you get half the house? If you go to work full time who will teach and babysit your daughter? Why aren't you getting child support? How are you paying for your school? Does what you are studying lead to job placement?

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