Profiting from dementia.

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I just need to get this off my chest. I am a cargiver and post some on this site. I am also an RN . I have very mixed feelings about what causes dementia/ALZ etc. I have read and researched and take alot of the info with a grain of salt . I was travelling last week and saw a billboard that really rubbed me the wrong way. I can't quote it exactly but it was " Eat your veggies , or become one" . It had little veggis with faces and eyes and on the bottom it stated it was a sign from prevention of ALZ or something. How dare anyone try to scare the crap out of people with such unfounded information. I get S&T of reading what causes dementia and ALZ...everything. Im sorry I just felt like it was one of the most tastless advertisements in regard to this awful disease yet. Thanks for listening.


Heard. Understood. Agree.
Yes, that is very tacky!
I find this "ad" disgusting!
Unbelievable!! That is in such horrible taste.
I hope you print this and all our replies and mail it to the advertising firm. You should be able to find out who paid for the ad by calling the number on the billboard. They probably have no idea of the reality as a group of 30 something smart ass creatives who got their info watching a segment on CNN. They're all bastards. Good move, RN:) xo
I'm appalled! Tasteless and disgraceful, not to mention absurd!
Devil's advocate here.

Sure, it isn't kind. But what were they advising us to do? Eat vegetables! That is wonderful and correct advice. If we eat more vegetables, we will all be healthier and thinner and more regular.

I didn't see the ad, but it makes me think of those HORRIBLE ads that show what happens to smokers. If those ads get people to give up smoking, I don't worry about offending those who got lung cancer and never smoked.
Wow, my dad ate veggies and an overall healthy. He did not smoke. He exercised, as in riding his bike 15 miles every day among other things. He kept his mind alert by reading textbooks each day just because he liked to learn. He got Alz in his 50s. I guess those veggies didn't help him. Of course, it didn't help 3 of his siblings, his mom or his grandmother either.
I agree. Far too many greedy people use any subject to make a buck regardless
of how tastless it may be.
AlwaysMyDuty - you are correct, of course. The most a healthy diet and lifestyle can do is postpone dementia in people who are not cursed with hereditary dementia. I think early onset dementia is absolutely tragic.

I don't want to blame someone for their disease, but it's not a lie to say that eating vegetables will make us healthier than we would otherwise be. It's less tasteless to me than making people believe that they have to buy expensive designer jeans to be happy.

Wasn't the ad a public service ad? No one is going to make much money off of it.....

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