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Well we thought the last stroke (dec) knocked the meaness out of her.. nope, Late Monday night 1am, I wake to frantic screams, run in to check on her, I'm wet. Okay np lets change ya. Well I guess I just took for granted that it would be an ordinary change, nope soon as I lowered my head down far enough super grannie took over, BAM forehead into bedrail via super grannie hold on my hair, now I'm sporting 2 blackeyes... Yep got my arse kicked by a almost 81yr old bed bound grannie. Of course she doesn't remember, never even notices the black eyes. Now we have paranoia kicking in as yesterday evening and this morning I went in to find her having very spirited conversations on the phone that of course she stopped the minute she realized I was in the room. Here's the kicker... she doesn't have a phone, assuming but could be wrong she thinks the call button is a phone, who knows,lol. Not funny but it is if you just take it in stride. No UTI's just had her checked and a full blood workup.. Seems this is just the new grannie Don't ya just love dementia?????


It sounds like she is getting violent and needs meds or a facility
She has ALWAYS been on the violent paranoid side, seemed to have left her after last stroke, but now coming back.. And yes she is on many, many meds,lol. A "home" is not an option, we have tried skilled nursing she ended up coming home with pressure sores ect, in fact had the last stroke while in skilled nursing and my hubby just happened to visit her and catch it, not the staff. So home is where she stays, just gotta dodge faster.
worried13, here is an excellent article regarding what your Grandmother is going throug and some ideas on how to deal with it.
Freqflyer.. I think we have had to deal with each and everything in that article at one time or another, my post was not really a question more of a vent, attempt to keep myself sane kinda thing. This is not the first time she has gotten hold of my I just learned to dodge fast, TBH more on me for letting my guard down.
Frankly I cannot imaging someone having to live like that.....
Well... I have been taking care of her since 2009 after the 1st stroke, the tough part started around 2010... After finally figuring out and well getting her diagnoised , she could showtime with the best of them, the doctors started working with us. yes I have been in tears many a time listening to her berate me to anybody she could.
It's gotton better for me as I have learned about the process trust me. Mentally at least.

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