Adult brother and family living off of our parents and they keep putting up with it.

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Where can I turn for advice? My parents will not stop supporting their 37 year old son and his family. He lives in one of their homes, doesn't pay the rent,,today a $1700.00 utility bill,,car insurance,,tens of thousands of dollars in borrow and pay back,,only verbal agreements and no legal recourse. I am ready to lose my mind, and am so angry that they cannot put an end to the BS. I am ashamed to admit that I sometimes really hate them all and wished I lived on the other side of the country. They won't listen and I am getting tired of talking.


Well, are your parents legally incompetent, or just feeling guilty that your brother turned out to be so irresponsible? What did they do different with you that you turned out better? Unfortunately, this level of enabling may be stupid and short sighted, and may cost them - and you - dearly in the long run, but it's not illegal unless it is being coerced or blackmailed out of them.

Is moving to the other side of the country an option?
If your parents are not suffering mental incapacity, then they can do whatever they want with their money, sorry to say. If they have dementia, that's another story. Do you have POA? Do they want you to be involved?
I know several families who have one kid out of the group who can't get it together no matter what their age. The parents just can't say no, it's a habit, they feel sorry for them, they're In denial, etc. Usually the sibs are livid but can't do anything because their parents may be playing favorites but it isn't illegal. Tell us more about your parents.
You are both absolutely right..unfortunately they don't have dementia, just a very spoiled and dependent son. They were unbearably hard on me growing up in comparison to him which in retrospect I am grateful, but in too many ways I am super responsible and feel a duty to protect them. They have given in to him all these years without coercion so I do know there is no legal recourse. I just need to vent. Thank you for taking the time to answer me though, it is much appreciated.

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