What act of human kindness would you do if you came into a vast amount of money?

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I know we all talk about cars and holidays and all things wonderful but if i came into a vast amount of money - you know silly money the sort I am never going to have I would set up home for elderly people so they could have proper care and with a wing on the side for people who want to be carers but don't know how.
An extra wing for those whose carers need respite. Nothing massive but something that would make a huge difference to a poor community. Something that has light and air and garden space and is more like a hotel than a dump with options for independent living with care built on.

SO if you happen to know any benefactors out there who want to support a community project - I am definitely your gal.

Tell me what would you do?


Glad you brought this up cause just the other day when I called Mom she had just gotten off the phone with publishers clearing house. D*mn if she hadn't won 15 million bucks and a brand new truck! All she had to do was go to Walmart or cvs and send a money order to some po box and collect her loot.

I thought I had "scam proofed" her. Guess I got so more work to do. But if she had won 15 million and shared it with me, I would spend it all on the best geek squad money can buy and track down these vermin and have them exterminated. And maybe save enough for new boat.........
So causing you no angst at all then windy!!!!!!
I'm a pretty selfish person so I'd prefer just to keep the money for myself and my retirement, but if it was a really generous amount, AFTER taxes, I'd use it to create art and nature respite programs for vets.

I realized how healing and therapeutic needlework can be when I taught adult ed classes, and know how much nature contact can heal wounded souls. I just recently read of a gardening program for vets; that would be close to something I'd consider.

It would of course have to have a pollinator garden, a respite for the bees and butterflies as well as humans. There would be assistive beds as well, built up so people in wheelchairs could access them.

Fragrant plants and herbs would be in abundance. Hardscape would as much as possible be created by participants. Plants such as violet flowers would be dried to use in art work, which would be sold at art shows.

There would be an annual show of creations, open to the public, to encourage similar programs elsewhere.

And of course there would be absolutely no pesticides or chemicals used regardless of how much damage might be caused to the plants.
Windy, years and years ago I watched a Senate subcommittee or committee hearing on which Carl Levin and now Secretary of State John Kerry, among many others, participated.

Publishers' Clearing House and others well known fundraisers were brought before the (sub)committee to explain their aggressive and dishonest actions, especially with elders. Back pedaling and self protection was the order of the day.

Of course they really were all very good folks, just trying to spread money around, through the use of the Beltway Bandits and their duplicitous fundraising techniques.

The (sub)committee members eventually backed these $1,000 suit boys into a corner and forced them to admit the truth about the solicitations....especially the emotional pleas to families of MIA/POWs. The tear jerker fund raising solicitations were admitted to have been prepared by the Beltway Bandits, sitting not on a ship in the Gulf of Tonkin as the tear jerker appeals letters claimed, but rather sitting in their air conditioned offices in D.C. or Virginia, creating sob stories to cheat families of their money.

These people are the scum of the earth; if any largesse were devoted to rehabilitating or punishing them, I'd suggest something like real work, getting hands dirty and crawling on knees work. Maybe Sheriff Joe could use them out on his AZ chain gangs.
I would come up with a better handicap accessible bathroom at public places. The ones they have now will not work for Mom since she cannot pivot well enough to sit on the toilet. I would love to see a larger bathroom with a bar on the wall and a portable toilet that you can let them use and then have a toilet in the same room, or a way to dump the portable toilet.

I would also like to set up respite care for caregivers...either come into the home for a few hours or something like you said Jude. A place where everyone is welcome and we all work together.
I am pretty much like GardenArtist, I would keep the money... but since I have always been frugal my whole life I know I wouldn't change so part of that money would need to be put to good use.

If there was enough money I would donate the money to have a new fire house built for the volunteer fire department and volunteer EMT's in my area. These guys and gals are outstanding. If not enough money, then something to help them out.
If we are talking millions as in winning the super lotto, well then :)

I would buy about 20 wooded acres here in Oregon that has one of our gorgeous rivers running through it and build my dream home. THEN I would have architects come in and design a Animal Care/Adoption Center that could house animals of all kinds. Hire a full time vet and other needed employees. Open the door for business as a non profit organization. Invest the rest of the money wisely so it will have enough interest to keep everything running smoothly.

Notice I mention no family, not even my son?
Jeanette, you and I on on opposite coasts but thinking very much like. There's a 300+ acre farm for sale a little ways north of me--I'd carve out 50 or so for our dream home/farm/shop complex, and devote the rest to a non-profit transitioning retiring racehorses into second careers as riding horses.
JudeAH, you stole my idea! Seriously, I would like to build a couple of lovely homes that include assisted living and memory care. I would have the most beautiful things on the campus. Even those with severe dementia would receive benefit. I would have waterfalls in the lobby, fish tanks, state of the art visuals, etc. I would have a well trained staff with enough to give each person much attention. It would be a place that people would feel good about going if they had to or chose to go. It would be like a spa and resort. Those with funds could pay to go and those who could not afford it, could also go if they qualify.

I would also build a Endocrinology Center that specializes in diabetes. It would have the best doctors in the country and provide education to those in need. It would have a gym with special training for those who need weight loss and focus on those with obesity as well.

I would hire a private police force to enforce traffic laws and stop dangerous drivers in my community. Some people are too stupid to drive now days and/or they can't put their phone down long enough to get across town. That has to stop.

I would build a dream house for my parents so the rest of their days would be spent enjoying an outdoor living room complete with birdsand any flowers they want year round.

I would fund research to help fight Tuberous Sclerosis, so my little niece can have a chance at a normal life.

Then, with the money left over from my 350 million, I would fly around the world attending all the rock concerts that my heart desires, hang out with the band and live like a hippie. lol
I would invest in a manufacturing company dedicated to the design and production of furniture and accessories suitable for frail or disabled people that are not bloody ugly.

And washing machines that can handle small frequent loads at an unusual array of temperatures.

And handling belts. Mother's was black with a day-glo orange go-faster stripe on it. Funny she never wanted to wear that…

And smart disabled parking bays, that use special ability and purpose recognition software (it would have to read minds) and vaporise anyone emerging from a car who has no business to be parked there. They'd just vanish into a pit, and all you'd hear would be a little muffled screech and then a puff of smoke.

They might get *one* chance to say they are very very sorry and will never do it again. In that case they get ejected from the pit fifteen feet in the air and back onto the pavement. Serve 'em right if they do need a disabled parking bay after that.

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