Abused in a nursing home with no one to turn to.

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Yes - I was transferred to this hell hole 07/26 and since then I have been abused physically, mentally, emotionally - verbally. Except fracturing bones in my back - that wasn't done verbally - that was physically. And they know I have stage 4 breast and stage 4 bone cancer. Every bone in my body is loaded. And if I want sympathy - I'll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
It took over a week of begging for an xray - had to get the ombudsman and a lawyer - finally got the xray and they still have not given me the report or gone over it with me. I had to contact the agency that took the xray to get a copy of the disk and report to give to my doctor. They have done everything possible to me. They have even tried to stop me from seeing my cancer doc. I have kept a diary from day one. It's long - but come on down and read it.


Call the police
This whole post sounds like a troll
The other post made here has unanswered questions. Issues that do not make sense

I called the police when they took away my walker and they did nothing. they automatically assume that everyone in a nursing home has dementia.
Do you have no family or friends that can advocate for you? Social worker? Clergy? A paid care manager?

Do you have a POA managing for you or are you a ward of the State?

What about moving to a residential hospice facility?
I still don't understand why you don't call the police if you have visible injuries and proof. Why are you writing here? If you're really having an immediate emergency, call the police. I'm not sure how we can help you.
hannah - there really is no one to help us - one state person writing a report doesn't do any good - the police can't do much - it's a nightmare - I'm just hoping someone somewhere may be able to help those of us that are going through this - it's not just for me - and yes I am working on getting out of here - I am waiting to go to another home - with luck it will be this week - and my heart will be with those here because of what I have seen, heard and experienced

OP's issues could be definitely real.

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