What is the most absurd thing you have heard about the causes of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia?

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Thought I had heard it all! I had a public hearing last night where neighbors to a zone change were up in arms about the proposed zoning. Today the leader of misinformation came into my office to gloat about conditions that were placed on the property. That did not bother me one bit. He came in to complain about existing conditions on his property and that of his neighbors which have nothing to do with rezoning. One of his complaints? Is that the people in his neighborhood are getting Alzheimer's (probably including him, would explain plenty) because of drainage issues and standing water when it rains. HUH?!


Please! I'm still trying to accept that you really don't have to wait 40 minutes after eating to go swimming!
LOL! You mean you don't have to wait an hour after eating to go swimming?
lol lol li pop, it was 30 minutes! And everybody stay out of the pool water, it could cause a wet bathing suit!
Glad, I am starting to think that public hearings are either the cause of Alzheimers, or the biggest contributor to misinformation!
You use that term too? Misinformation? My favorite word, cause its true-and I know so many...just cannot say who they are on a public forum.
I heard that it was chemtrails, eating red meat, and a few other things.

Anyone ever notice, if a help, or cure is found out, researched, or expected, all of a sudden it is that one single thing that cures everything else, too!
For example, sub-lingual vit. B-12. Touted to cure schizophrenia, drug addiction, low energy, depression, and so much more!
The thing is, in high enough doses, this B-12 may actually help so many symptoms! But people don't take it correctly. It probably does not cure cancer.

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