There are many abbreviations people use here that I don't understand.

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Is there a page that gives definitions to the most-used abbreviations? One on the subject of UTI's is NH. "scariest disease to spread in a NH.


Great question. I hope there is. I'll look. If there isn't, maybe someone can make one. I think that would be very helpful. I do use them sometimes, but I always wonder if the reader knows what I'm talking about. And I'm afraid I don't know enough of them to be an authority.
Nh nursing home al assisted living IL independent living
SNF skilled nursing facility uti urinary tract infection op original poster
UTI: urinary tract infection
MIL: mother-in-law
FIL: father-in-law
POA: power of attorney
LO: loved one
SO: significant other
CG: caregiver
AC: Aging Care
AD: Alzheimer's disease

These are the ones off the top of my head. I'm sure there are others. Great question and I know I sometimes forget that there are new people to this site who don't know the abbreviations.
When I first began reading these posts, I thought a lot of people lived in New Hampshire and Illinois, ha ha. I agree that we should have a "sticky" or something that stays at the top that identifies the abbreviations.
I do believe every abbreviation know to man/woman was discussed in this thread

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