Request: please don't use abbreviations like MIL CZ HB. Some don't know what they mean

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Request: for those who know more than me about illnesses and health organizations, please take the time to spell it out. I don't know all the shortcuts, about MIL BIL CZ HB WHO and a lot of others. Thanks


I've had to literally google abbreviations of illnesses I read about on here because I have no idea of what the person is talking about. It's like when my sister texts me, she uses so many shortcut abbreviations I think I'm talking to someone from another country. ha
MiL (mother inlaw) Bil (brother inlaw) Cz (cousin) HB (husband) ...not sure about WHO? anyone know? :)
I remember another one..NH (nursing home)..hope this helps.
World Heath Organization ??? WHO....
pil... parents in law, dh.... dear husband

And always feel free to post and ask them... they will share with you I'm sure...
This is where I learned all the abbreviations! lol ( My daughter told me that means: Laugh Out Loud, because I always thought it meant: Lots of Love!!
WE (whatever)...I just made that one up. Smiles.
I know what you mean, stan212, when you first join an online community they seem to have their own language, whether the community is for software engineering, decorating cakes, or caring for elders. Certain terms come up so often that some they get a shortcut. This is NOT meant to restrict communication to the in crowd -- at least not on AgingCare. If you hang around some things become clear from context. NH is nursing home; AL or ALF is assisted living facility, etc. Often you can Google an acronym and learn what it means quickly. Or feel free to simply ask.

I understand your request, and maybe some of us will try to be careful about abbreviations for a while. But "jargon" is a fact of online communities and it is not likely to go away.

I hope you'll find our forums helpful enough that you'll want to stick around. Then I'll bet you'll eventually start using the jargon, too.

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