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Do my eyes no longer show the light of love and life?
Why does no one look into them?

Does my white hair make me fade into the the blurry background?
I fear I might be invisible.

I can't hear my own voice.
Hello! Can anyone hear me?

I am afraid.
I am frightened of the pain I know is coming.
I am afraid of the dark and unknown.
I am scared that I'm already gone.

Who will hold me? Who will hear me?
Who will speak softly and listen closely.
Will you look into my soul and see how much I loved

I feel your warm arms and hands.
I hear your soft whispers saying goodbye.
I feel your breath on me as you look deeply into my eyes.

You do see how much I loved you.
I feel how much you love me.

I am not alone. I am not afraid.


Yes, I'm feeling a little "mushy" right now. My SIL and and her siblings are at their mothers side again today. So much sadness. So much Pain. I understand 'Gods Will" but some day's I want to tell him to fix his watch. This is for Annie, and her Mom Ellie.
putting myself in the position of the dying person , i think id want support during my lonely stay at nh then lefty the h*ll alone when im dying . i certainly wouldnt want g kids there . my last look at my g - ma was in a casket . i was about 7 yrs old . it wasnt a good image to carry with me and wasnt necessary imo ..
when i die i do not want a funeral , ive made that clear . i want my sons to go calm themselves in a more constructive way . change the oil on my motorcycle or something b*tches ..
I was not present when my mother died. I was only ten, I just never accepted that it was going to happen. I sat with my aunt while she was in her final hours. She needed us to calm her. Cap, when your time comes, I hope somebody is there for you, to guide you, even if it's just a nurse with a cute backside. I think that would be enough to make you happy.
everybody knows thats where this was going . good call pam..
Boni, lovely poem. I really hate the way people forget the elders. I am perplexed that human feelings can be so full of vanity about people that they are appalled by the frailties every old person has. The wrinkles, wispy white hair, and gnarled hands are a part of life. I wonder if we have become so full of looking at models in magazines and movie stars that we forget what real life is. Those of us who care for the elderly enjoy something special -- seeing beauty in something that is not made for TV. Maybe even more special is knowing we made our loved one feel safe and loved when they needed it most.
very touching, I will pray for your comfort
Capt, I think you misinterpreted the first part. Her family has ALWAYS been there for her. I was thinking through the mind of a very old woman dying from dementia. She doesn't remember her children,unless she is being engaged constantly by one of them. That is where I thought her "down time" thoughts would be.
This woman was comforted every day for over 5 years by her five children. They are still holding vigil today. Please pray for Ellie.
I misinterpreted it, too. We probably see it through the experiences we've had, not thinking of how the mind forgets.
Hey, It came into my heart, I wrote it down. Good, bad, right or wrong, it was what I was feeling and needed to express it. Where better than here. I guess I am seeing my future very clearly right about now. They took out her IV fluids today. It won't be long. Love you guys.
Boni, that is absolutely beautiful. I've saved it to my Desktop. You're gifted.

Captain, just like engines, there are dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. ;) ;)

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