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My 72-year-old mother is in her early stages of dementia, but refuses to get treatment or seek help. A few days ago, she finds an opened tin can in the fridge. Thinking it was salmon or tuna, she takes one bite before realizing that something wasn't right. A few days later, I take an opened can of food from the fridge.
Mom realised that she ate cat food.


ROFL. I'm glad cat food is okay to eat.
That's cute, but I'll bet kitty wondered where her/his food went!

Thanks for sharing yet another adventure in dealing with dementia.
Or if it was a smart cat, it would negotiate for some of the turkey to make up for the cat food loss.
Don't have Mom try the cat treat Temptations. One time I gave Dad a bag so he could give treats out for the cat, but he misunderstood me and he ate a couple pieces. He said it was ok. So brave me, I tried one.... oh gross, I couldn't get that taste out of my mouth for hours :0

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