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I know Mom doesn't have a lot of time in this world. At 100 1/2 it is to be expected. For the past 20 years she has been unhappy, negative, difficult, uncooperative. (well, she still is uncooperative) She has been in AL since Feb and the transition was difficult. But we are noticing she is finally accepting things and seems to have found a place in the world where she is relatively content and belongs. She has friends, and is even going to some activities. Thanks to the zoloft, and to the lovely people at AL, she seems more content and peaceful. That is such a relief for family to know she is not emotionally suffering. Maybe its the zoloft, maybe its her dementia at the point she lives only in the moment and can't keep her mind on anything long enough to stress over it. She will get her the new hearing aids this week and then her life will be so much better and family will also be calmer knowing she is not stressing and complaining constantly.


Thanks for the good news update, Amy. Hope it continues to be a smoother journey.
Isn't it amazing that sometimes things really do work out for the better?

Thanks for sharing this upbeat, positive news, and I hope that the family are able to now share with your mom her last years/months/days in a way that benefits loving families. If she made it to 100, she's still quite a trooper!
Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
AmyGrace....I am SO happy that that your mom is settling in. Most AL are pretty good, She will make friends and overtime will become close to one or two of them. When she has one of them pass, you will need to be there for her. It will be hard for her. She must be one strong women to have lived this long. I pray I don't live that long. Please God, I don't want to do that to my kids. But, she sounds like she is a tiger. You are very fortunate. Remember you are giving her a final gift.
Amy Grace, you need to tell us how she lived to live this long. WOW what a lady. Have the Newspapers been out to interview her? You need to let them know of her age and have them do this. If you live in a small town, it will be such a help to others. You are amazing that you have done this for so long. God Bless you
We haven't notified anyone of her age since she doesn't like strangers and gets confused easily. She doesn't appreciate much of anything, even gifts, unfortunately she stuffs everything in a drawer and forgets it.
I guess the answer for her longivity is simply good genes. She never gets sick, has fallen several times and no broken bones, etc. She doesn't take very good care of herself, never did (although she didn't smoke or drink) but she is just a very very blessed person.

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