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I would like to thank those running this forum. I have been educated medically and legally. A while back I had refiled Mom's/mine POA/DPOA and Advanced Directive because she moved in with me in a different state. This wasn't even on my radar when she moved in. The next thing was finding out that some symptoms are indicative of a UTI. Well this week Ma was doing very out of character, confusing things. She had a chest cough and I first thought it was the medicine so I changed the medicine and it still continued. Ma has dementia so I also thought she was beginning a fast decline. Then I remembered a post about 6 months ago about urinary tract infections. While we were at the doctor initially for her chest congestion and cough I asked for a pee cup. Lo and behold she was a 2+ with a UTI. So thank you to all responders. You may never know who you can help with your own experience. Humbly Grateful to all.

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I agree with you.. I would be so lost without all the caring members..

Hugs to everyone!!!!

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