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Hello everyone..I need as much advice as i can get on this right now..i am very, VERY, disturbed..for a couple weeks ive been noticing small amounts of dried blood on my moms finger. at first i thought it was where she had been testing her blood and didnt let it stop bleeding before she went on her way.

A couple days ago, all her fingers were covered in it. i think i was in denial that it was blood. where could it have come from anyways?

i caught her picking the wounds on her leg(along with dementia she is also a diabetic)2 days ago. I through the biggest fit! I cleaned her all up and rebandaged everything nice and tight. today, there was blood on the bathroom floor. the wound on her stump has opened. so i cleaned her up etc(why are the bandages undone when they are fresh?)i went in the bedroom about an hour ago and caught her not only picking her wounds(fingers completely covered in blood), but she was eating it. I just dont know who to call or what to do. It is 12:22 a.m here. shes been undoing them and reattaching them again so i wont notice. I just dont know.. VERY disturbed


Call her Dr. ASAP!!! You may have to take her to the ER. Self-mutilation is not something you can handle on your own! something is seriously wrong there and she need immediate medical attention. Let us know what happens.
I agree with lindam call 911 her dementia is full blown I am so sorry for you to have to deal with this. neon
911 better safe than sorry something is very very wrong.. Hugs Neon
Thanks to all of you. What a shock it was for me. I thought about it all night and couldnt sleep. which isnt abnormal. i never sleep it seems anymore. but this really did upset me. my mom had an appt at the wound care center today. i "threw" mom in the shower to wash up and rewrapped her lastnight. i put her to bed and sat here thinking about it all night. when she went off to meet the little bus to take her, i called not only her primary to make him aware, but i called the wound care center to make them aware. the center is in the hospital. they are now aware and its in their hands. yes they are VERY concerned which makes me feel better. my mom has had doctors that get that "and you want us to do what?" attitude.

her primary wont like this and im sure hes on the phone to the wound care center(its across the street from him also).i'll sit and wait for the verdict. why didnt i go with her, you ask? i dont normally go to the wound care center with her. its out little respite from eachother. if i had gone, it would have upset her greatly, before we even left the house. because she would know why i was going. i want her calm. i'll let you all know.
My mom came home and didnt mention anything to me. She is, of course back to "only let the doctor change the bandages" i knew where that came from!

Her primaries nurse called me shortly after. The wound care center saw the wounds were worse, but was hopeful still since last i had bandaged them, they could see the difference between freshly picked etc. They said nothing to her. Her primary wants to see her to do his own evaluation. of course thats alot on me since the appt is on monday. between here and then i have to make sure she follows orders and keeps the bandages on. shes normally really good at things like that. her shes told to keep them on, she will. THANKFULLY. but if she had gone so far as to do this to herself, im concerned she wont. we shall see.

she doesnt understand why he called out of the blue and wanted an appt. he doesnt do that. i told her why we were going. shes upset now. i had a talk with her. i was getting her undressed when i said that i loved her and she was the most important person in my life and i was too concerned to let it go. she didnt quite believe me which hurt a bit. i told her that im angry at times and yell sometimes, but its because im scared and want everything thats best and if that means going behind her back to get her that help she needs ill do it. she hasnt been this mad at me since i called the emergency social services when we were told she needed help. me, living 800 miles away didnt know what to do. i know now.. anything and everything.. ill keep in touch on this subject.. thanks, everyone
Kelly man its VERY HARD to come to the relization that "mom dosent always know best", It was very hard for me. but 7 years later Im there. Your Mom def needs mental health help, if she continues to do self destructive acts, tell her that! sure she'll get pissed, parents have a HARD time, sometimes they will not accept the fact that they are not in control, thats rough for anyone, but woman this is beyond a persons normal capabilites! And yeah i know, where to get the help? I went thru the same thing with my moms primary, because mom can be a TOTALLY dif person when she is with her doc! And getting them to go get a Pshyc evaluation! sheeit! But she needs one.
Huggs girl
thanks sidney and yes she does. her primary has been very good to her over the years. before i moved back in, he only knew what she told him. before that, when i took care of her years ago, he had the truth. now that im back he will hear it once again. and this is a biggy!!! needless to say, she will be getting a VERY short manicure. whatever the doc wants to do on monday we will get it done.

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