When I look into my moms eyes it's as if they are empty now and I wonder what's on her mind...

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Do you ever wonder what's really going on in our parent's head?


ya i do pamela
its sad huh? how old is your mom? mine is 79 and i beleive is in the last stages of alz. having trouble eating, walking etc. i try to make her happy- ameirca funniest makes her laugh everytime and she loves her great granddaugter who thank god lives around the corner- so she sees her almost everyday- mom likes monk too. she used watch law and order but 1 month ago started worrying about her kids whenever she saw someone wounded so we stopped watching it. Jerry Springer makes her laugh too! lol!
my heart goes out to you - most nights she asks - do you have a bed for me? so i know she wants to be here- that makes me glad-
i dread whats up ahead- need to go to alzheimers meetings they are on monday in my town of modesto from 9:30 -12:30- need to have someone watch her though she doesnt get up till 11 though.
Pamela, my dad had Alz and there were times I looked into his eyes and wondered the same thing. On many occassions, though, it was like he was locked in there and wanted out. Sounds crazy, I know, but that's the only way I know how to explain it. I would've moved heaven and earth to release him from that prison but of course, I could not. I felt helpless, he felt helpless. It broke my heart.
AlwaysmyDuty that is it exactly, exactly she is locked in there and wants to come out. Wow I've never heard that term that is exactly it. You should have seen how I jumped up when I read that.......it's exactly what it is. Thank you and yes it is very very sad.

Beta mom is 90. I spoke to her sister today, in MO to check on her. She's 80 has diabetes, and had her leg amputated just above the knee. Now I've got to figure out whether I should tell my mom. They are exactly 10 yrs apart in age. My aunt is in a Nursing Home there as her daughter died last year. Sad thing that they are so far apart. But the funny thing about it, they sound alike, always have.

I'm planning a trip to go back there and see all of my family to represent mom but I'm afraid something will happen to my mom while I'm gone.

Mom is just drifting further and further away. It's a terrible thing to see them like this, almost unbearable. It's hard to even talk to her now, just asks the same things. Then says Oh OK. Her voice is extremely ragged now, and she seems to choke really easy. Birps all the time, and sleeps a lot more.

I can't believe it sometimes. When I'm out and see mother and daughter out sometimes I catch myself starring and smiling at them. They probably think I've gone bonkers but I guess it's a little envy. Can't help it. I miss that.
my mom not religious- but i told her god hears you and he knows what you want to say - you can talk to him mama- he hears you - you can tell him your mad too - i do - she surprisingly said " OK"
I know exactly what you mean. My mom will sit and stare at the TV for hours. This weekend the TV was off for a while and I found her just sitting in her chair in the dark. She was always an avid reader. I know she hasn't been reading very well (she's been on the same book for a month) but at least she would pick it up and try to read. Just recently she has stopped doing even that. There are still occasional flashes of good humor where she laughs or makes a joke, but they are getting rare.

I often wonder if she is trapped inside and wants out or if there really is nothing going on. Some days I think that would be better than being trapped.

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