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I've just read that a missing woman was found with use of a "scent preservation kit".

A sterile gauze pad is used to swipe the armpits. The pad is placed in a special jar, apparently sealed with tamper-proof tape and labeled with instructions.

This kind of tracking technique was used to locate a missing woman in Florida. The scent had been preserved in a jar for 2.5 years.

A short 7-27 article in USA Today described how a bloodhound in 5 minutes located the woman, who had been missing about 2 hours.

No indication was given on how far away the woman was when she was located. I guess that depends on the ability of the tracking dog.

Perhaps this will become a standard wander management technique for locating people who wander.


GA, thank you for sharing. Very interesting! Seems like the method could be used for many things.
Now I really do need to get a dog....
That's a great suggestion!
Thanks for sharing.
There would have to be a bloodhound available, and it seems that isn't the case in missing person case I have heard of. I have often wondered why the police don't use tracking dogs in cases like this.
GardenArtist, that's a great idea. I am always amazed at how dogs can track someone using their scent.

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