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My mother has been doing quite well since coming home from rehab. She has been on hospice at home for almost a month. The hospice nurse told me she might have to come off of hospice if she stays the same. Right now the only thing wrong with her is that she is bedridden. They will watch her for next two weeks and see what happens. I still think she was over medicated at rehab that's how she got on hospice. Once they took her off the medications especially that awful namenda, she became a new person.


Dat, thank you for the update, that is promising news. I agree with you, sometimes I believe our elders are over medicated, or have side effects that are worse than the illness.
That is good news indeed! My mother "graduated" from hospice care, also, and lived another 2+ years.
Thanks for the excellent update. I hope things continue well for your mother.

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