Unneeded wellness check by police. Do I have a legal case against these people, or police department for defamation of character?

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There are relatives that live near by in the same town that, the Aunt hasn't been to visit Mom in 7 years, and her children, grandchildren, haen't been to visit Mom in over 20 years. I know, very sad.
I was called by this Aunt this past Monday, which was the first time I'd heard from her in probably 3 years, and was shocked when I heard her voice, because I didn't recognize the phone number on my ID, but after small chit chat, she told me that her grandson, (my second cousin) told her that a man came to him and offered condolences about his Aunt. He asked what Aunt, which would be my Mom. (Keep in mind, they are of no blood relation) He asked "what about her?" He told him, there was a woman's body found down by the railroad tracks after the snow melted and said it was my Mother. I assured her it wasn't my Mom, and she was safe at home. I assumed the topic was over after we hung up and I wouldn't hear from her for a few more years. Two days later, while I am at the store, the police department calls me and asks me to meet the two policemen who were at Mom's house so they could do a wellness check. I immediately went over there and asked what was going on. The police officer stated that a "distant relative" called them to do a wellness check and they were checking to see if I was HIDING MY MOTHER'S DEAD BODY AND COLLECTING HER SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS! I think I went into shock from that point on, and I told them I would go in and tell Mom they were there, I did and Mom immediately became LIVID, and began to scream, "I'm not going out there and they aren't coming in here!!" I told her they just wanted to see her, but she continued to refuse so I had to tell them she wasn't coming out, and I would open a window so they could hear her talk. That was sufficient for them and they left. Needless to say, I immediately got on the phone and cussed out a couple of people that did this, and told them to leave us alone and stay out of our lives, that we didn't need them. I wanat to know, do I have a legal case against these people, or police department for defamation of character? And people in this forum wonder why I am angry at times...I am not angry this time, I am ready to explode.


Oh, I forgot to add, the woman that was found dead, this incident occurred TWO YEARS AGO. I called the chief of police and asked him to tell these people to not contact us anymore, and I also added, "when did the police department start turning dead relatives bodies over to family members after they find them?" Please help me get out of this town, and give me ideas as to where the people are nice and will actually help you instead of kicking you while you are down.
Alas, there are kickers-of-downed-persons in every town in this big country, and probably in every city, town, village, and hamlet in the world. The fact that some of them happen to be distantly related to you in the town where you live is unfortunate for you.

This is such a crazy scenario I could see it being turned into a comedy sketch, but I'm certain it was not funny to you. (Maybe some day you'll look back on it and laugh, but maybe not, and not for a long time, for sure!)

The poor police were just doing their job. The fact that they accepted a view from the window is evidence they thought it was crazy, too. Unless the police are gossipping off duty or have made public claims about you or your mother, I don't see where defamation of character comes into play on their end. There have been cases of relatives fraudulantly cashing SS checks after the recipient is dead (not, presumably by hiding bodies -- just by failing to notigy SS Admin) and that is against the law and I can understand police checking up on such a claim. Just doing their job.

The people who out of stupidity or malice told the police their crazy notion and caused the interuption to your day and the upset to your mother caused you trouble, but I'm not sure it ruined your reputation. So what you can do besides totally shut them out of your life, I don't know.

Could your Aunt's grandson be mentally unstable? Somehow my radar picks up a sad story in the background. Maybe Aunt was checking up as a way of calming Grandson down, but she was too late -- he'd already called the police. Who knows? In any case, the police were satisfied on the fraud claim and this stupid accusation should not bother you again.

See a lawyer or (my choice) save you energy for the next unnecessary crisis.
jeannegibbs, I have to say, you brought a totally different light to the way I'm looking at it...I really need to do a 180 and look at it as a complete and utter comedy sketch, a joke. After the police left that day, I stood in the middle of the driveway and felt like I'd been violated, yet didn't quite know how to react. I must have stood there for about 10 minutes...it might have been longer. I remember saying to myself, "what the &*#^ just happened", those $#@&$! &*^%$#@8" ...I REALLY need a new place to live. But I did call three fencing companies yesterday to give me estimates on security/privacy gating across the driveway, so I don't pull in and drive to the back of the house where the olice were standing...I think that is what bugged me quite a bit too, that the cops were standing in PRIVATE SPACE in the back of the house...NOT GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN.
I hate to say it, Anony, but the police had every right to come into your private space and to ask to see your mother. It's called a "wellness check" and is a perfectly legal and common practice. I've had to call myself and ask for one when my ex refuses to let me see or talk to my son for long periods (he's abusive and manipulative, and I worry about my child). The police can enter your residence if they feel the need - they do NOT need your permission, the permission of the owner of the house or property, etc. You cannot stop them and it looks bad on you if you even try. If it only happened once, you'd best just let it go. You have no case legally against any of the parties involved, especially the police. The law allows them to enter the home for a wellness check. They waited for you and didn't go in as a courtesy to YOU, things could have been much worse.
Save your energy and emotion for more important things than this stupidity.
If you have other reasons for moving go ahead otherwise don't move your baggage to another address
My 62 year old brother lives with my mom which he has done his entire life.He has never had a job and currently lives off her benefits that she receives from my father's pension since his passing.My brother has always been a little off mentally but recently he has been displaying very delusional behavior he thinks everyone is plotting to kill him,He has always believed he was a professional writer and has had the same story of Hollywood movies being made from his self published books.I am her only daughter and she has many grown grandchildren that would love to take her in and care for her she is 80.My mom feeds into his illusions of grandure and indulges his lies .She has no quality of life she just sits in the house with him all day and at this point she does not even get dressed.How do I get him out of her house and placed somewhere,so we can take her in,My brother can noy be brought to live with anyone since he will steal anything that is not nailed down from anyone inclyding mail.

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