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Yesterday when I went to moms house, she raised her gown sleeve and showed me this large bruise on her arm. When I asked her how she got it she said she didn't know. Mom is fair skinned, as I am, and bruises stand out like a sore thumb. I left it alone when she excused it away by saying it could have been anything.

Mom has started accusing the "help" of stealing saying she doesn't trust her. While I know this is a charistic of Dem/Alz the bruises aren't. I'm not accusing the "help" but I do want to know how the bruise got there and you best bet I'm gonna look into this.


Look as much as you see fit, I would. The only thing to remember is that elderly people bruise easily. My dad was terrible partly due to meds. So look but keep an open mind
Tinapick meds can make the elder bruise?

I'm behind you 100%. I know my mom got a black eye about a year ago from falling into the bathroom counter, then onto the floor. Sounds like a "story" i know, but i was quick to panic and think someone would accuse me of hitting her. At the time, she was too heavy for me to lift and i had just had surgery. Thankfully, a few neighbors had heard what happened from the front desk and they came up to help( i had called one of the maintenance guys to help). Luckily mom was alert enough to tell everyone how she fell etc and they could see how weak i was, not strong to knock around my ma at all.

My point to this is.. theres always a reason. Don't accuse them, straight out ask them what is it that your mom is doing or isnt doing to cause these. By not accusing them outright, you keep the peace(sort of). Ask them for their "help" in finding out how mom is getting the bruises. In this.. you keep your eye on them as well *wink*
I will notice bruises on my mother-in-law's arms or the back of her hands sometimes. She has no idea how they got there, and I know there is no one abusing her. So I think maybe just the slightest bump can cause the skin of an old person to bruise. It's already thin and delicate. Anyway, that's my theory.
I looked it up on line and they say that Plavix makes can create blood clots in the elderly due to thin blood. I won't guess-ta-mate, but I'll still watch everything. Tnx caregiver family.
yes meds can causes the brusies , my pa has it all over his arms . i thought i dont grab his arms , then when he had blood drawn on his hand , it got a ugly bruise and its still there and its been few mos ago .
my husband is on plavix and he gets brusies easy . they dont go away quickly either .
some meds thin the blood and so you bruise more easily
Ummm i think theres also a vitamin deficiency that will make the slightest bump into a huge bruise.. i cant think of it right now or if im not just dreaming that one up.. I just could have sworn some years ago my mom went through it..

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